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Pin from blocked URL on Pinterest and make it Repinnable

Discussion in 'Pinterest' started by gogamer, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. gogamer

    gogamer Registered Member

    Feb 10, 2012
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    Hi everyone!

    I have my website banned on Pinterest in the past. I tried a lot of method, like pin from redirected tumblr and blogger, dropbox accounts, which was work fine, but I find out that most of the visitors only repin your content after visiting your post. With the redirect method they get the "Blocked website blabla" error when they want to pin/repin from your site.

    I accidently found a method to make my pins repinnable "from my site" with the help of Stumbleupon.
    (But its not good for spamming so please use it wisely and see notes at the end)

    1, Add the Pinterest bookmarklet to your browser !

    2, Remove all Pin-it button/Pinterest plugin from your site ( you don't want visitors to use them!)

    3, Add your link to Stumbleupon, and visit the link one time (just to grab featured image)

    4, Log out from your Stumbleupon account (important!)

    5, Go to your stumbler URL to see your likes: stumbleupon.com/stumbler/your-user-name

    6, Click on the link you would like to share

    7, Pin it with the Pinterest Bookmarklet with your desired description. Ta daa!

    Its only work if you follow ALL the steps above!

    The pin will have the stumbleupon URL as source, but when you click, will take you to your original post (with a thin Stumbleupon frame on the top). Your URL will have real traffic from Pinterest again + visitors can Repin it immediately with the Pinterest Bookmarklet, or with the built in share button of stumbleupon.
    If its go viral again, you can keep your traffic, and maybe you will gain some stumbleupon likes too.

    PS notes: It's a one time chance! I don't think its work good for spamming, because Stumbleupon has only one official URL per post URL. It is good for sites which are banned "by mistake" or because of mass repinning.

    I hope it helps to people like me who was made a big mistake when try to promote his/her legit website too much on Pinterest!
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