1. PLudkovski

    MIX.COM - Has anyone in here a MIX.COM Account with StumbleUpon Login credentials?

    Has anyone in here a MIX.COM Account with StumbleUpon Login credentials, which is either rarely used or isn't even needed anymore ?? As far as i know, it is no longer possible to obtain StumbleUpon Login credentials, it was only possible to migrate the StumbleUpon Login credentials over to...
  2. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Bye Bye Stumbleupon, Hello Mix

    Stumbleupon at one time was one of the very best sites on the Internet, and could have been one of the biggest social networking and social bookmarking sites on the Internet but then through being either overly ambitious, not listening to their members, changing to a UI that nobody wanted...
  3. Ashutoshrox

    StumbleUpon is Shutting Down Today

    I got this mail recently.. Thank you for being part of internet history. Wow, after 16 years, the day has come. Today is the last day that exists online, and as we head into this moment, we want to look back and thank you for making StumbleUpon an internet legend. Before posts...
  4. memme

    SOCIAL SIGNALS ★ $3 ★ Unlimited URLs ★ Drip Feed ★ CUSTOM Orders ★ 40,000+ Orders Done ★

  5. blackbeans

    My Stumbleupon Experiment

    Stumbleupon has kind of a BIPOLAR REPUTATION Lots of marketers think that the traffic from this random surfing platform is so untargetted that the huge surge of traffic you CAN get is like a sugar high-nothing substantive. A handful of marketers think that this traffic is worth the effort. So...
  6. LiquidOCELOT

    how to share video on stumbleupon properly

    so video can be viewed minimum 50 views to get atleast what keywords should i put in there help pls/
  7. thebusyman

    Stumbleupon id user

    Hello guys. Please tell me where I can find id user for a stumbleupon acount. For example: ID has 8-9 numbers. I need to find out these numbers.
  8. deathass01

    [Req] Auto StumbleUpon?

    Hey Everyone! I was thinking, for one of my blogs, is it possible to get a plugin that when a post goes live, it auto submits it to stumble upon? Anyone know of a tool or plugin for this? Cheers!
  9. Tishina

    I'm Creating a StumbeUpon Skype Group, Are You Interested?

    Hello guys, We can all agree that SU is a great source of free and quality traffic on condition you provide value. In the meantime it's hard to get your post plenty of upvotes and harness sweet traffic. For that same reason, I'm creating a Skype group to make it easier getting our posts...
  10. black101

    StumbleUpon Skype group

    StumbleUpon can generate massive traffic, i personnaly had some post getting 5k-10k UV per day, if any one is interested in joining a skype group. my skype is: socialmediatraffic Link of the groups: SFW StumbleUpon Group: NSFW StumbleUpon Group...
  11. SPQR

    How I Get Insane Traffic from Reddit and StumbleUpon

    The results below were from only a few Reddit posts. I get insane traffic from sites like Reddit. The traffic (22,623 FREE visitors) from Reddit came from 14 or so posts that we?re spread out over the course of a week. This was me not even trying and I managed to get 22,623 visitors while I...
  12. Dokezar

    Insane Traffic under 10 minutes

    Hey, Whenever I post something on my website, i instantly share it on Stumbleupon and reddit. :D I have got about 1K views from them. but you really get good views when 5 - 6 people like or upvote your article. It suddenly starts to derive traffic to you site. BEST PART: ITS A WHITE HAT METHOD...
  13. M

    Stumbleupon Users on BHW?

    Hello guys, As most of you know stumbleupon maybe a great source of referral traffic, (reddit is another). And since like reddit or any other site your posts/links only gets viral if other 'Users' Like the page/Link you're submitting. So since there are people here creating skype groups for each...
  14. gogamer

    Pin from blocked URL on Pinterest and make it Repinnable

    Hi everyone! I have my website banned on Pinterest in the past. I tried a lot of method, like pin from redirected tumblr and blogger, dropbox accounts, which was work fine, but I find out that most of the visitors only repin your content after visiting your post. With the redirect method they...
  15. Aceix

    How to promote YouTube Channel with Stumbleupon

    Does anybody know a good way to promote a YouTube channel with Stumpleupon? Should I just create multiple accounts through proxies and click the like button on my channel? Or are there other ways of promote on SU that I'm missing?
  16. J

    StumbleUpon - only Beverly Hills traffic?

    I've Stumbled my own site 3 times, on three different pages, at three different times, and each time I received an instant 4-7 visitors. However, all those visitors were from Beverly Hills, California. Has anyone seen anything like that?
  17. dreadpixel

    StumbleUpon is wonderful for traffic

    Hey guys.. I just found that stumbleupon gives me more monthly traffic than my Facebook community with 16k organic and very active fans. Thats more than 4,000 clicks per month. I also found that if you stop posting GOOD content, stumbleupon starts sending you less traffic. If your content is...
  18. R

    Anyone here with aged Stumbleupon accounts with lots of followers?

    I have a site based on cool original products and I noticed the site is doing well on Stumbleupon. Is there someone here with an aged Stumbleupon account with many followers that wants to post my pages to their account? We can do some kind of trade (I have a very good Pinterest account in the...
  19. L

    Buy Real Social Signals Service - 100% Quality and Manual Just $10 + FREE COPIES Inside

    Real And Manual Social Signals Service - The Next Generation of SEO!! What are social signals? In other words ? a social signal is a link from someone?s social networking profile to your web page. If you were to click on the ?like? button next to this very blog post then you, my friend, have...
  20. M

    Is StumbleUpon different from app which compensate users for surfing i.e. against AdSense?

    I do a little bit of research and I found that StumbleUpon are safe to AdSense-sponsored websites according to more people.. But not sure about that, and there was rule that came from my mind about the Content guidelines of AdSense program policies which have said: Sites with Google ads may not...
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