Penguin 2.0 What I've seen so far

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    Here is what I have seen so far with Penguin 2.0

    First of all I am all for white hat seo. Let's figure out how to make it work again and use it to our advantage. I am no export on Penguin 2.0 and am simply trying to learn more about it. Here is what I have found through reading blogs, videos and my own experience thus far with Penguin 2.0.

    I have 8 websites (in similar niche markets, some in same markets) that I run and about 20 blogs from different plat forms.

    The blogs that I run are on, blogger, tumblr, and so on.

    My blogs on blogger are doing the best. I do not practice any sort of seo on them besides about 5 anchor text links to at least 3 different sites. Nothing complex just simple and straight forward links in the articles. The blogs simply rely on original good content. All of my blogs went up in page rank. My blogs are on niche topics and are all of similar nature to my websites. Now a lot of my blogs (especially the blogger ones) have better PR for some KWs than my websites.

    I only do white hat seo or really try to stay as white hat as possible (white hat is really a matter of opinion). I do a lot of seo myself by building my social networks connected to my sites and by writing blogs and posting good comment content with links in other blogs. I also purchase SEO packages from BHW and buy individual small services for my websites from sites like fiverr. Most of these seo packages include web 2.0's with structured back links, blog comments, and social net shares and so on.

    The sites with the least "white hat seo" or no seo done to them are doing the best. The sites with seo done to them have all fallen for most KWs. I have purchased many packages from different sources for different websites. The reality is that google is cracking down on seo practices. My websites with inferior content and no seo are now ranking better than the ones with great content and a better overall websites experience and seo.

    All in all I think less is more and simpler is better. Set up simple web 2.0's with few back links. Blogs and blog comments with anchor text. And really quality content on the site and on the back link content. Do less back link content but of higher quality. Really most websites epically small niche websites are unlikely to naturally come up with such complex, "big/large" back links and back link structures and google is probably paying more attention to that ie is it real? could it possibly be real back link content? does this niche really have that much interest? does this site support the traffic that the back links my suggest? Because if you have a ton of back links and comments all over blogs and a huge social network presence the traffic should support that. All these things are just my thoughts and opinions at this point. It my change in a week or so once the dust has settled.

    Please share with the community what you have found or thoughts and comments.