1. Peter Turner

    ✒️ ⚡ BLOG MANAGEMENT SERVICE ⚡ Climb the Digital Ladder with Content that Sparks Conversion ⚡ ✒️

    Contact Us Email - [email protected] Skype - Telegram -
  2. itz_styx

    Get a list of all sites using Mediavine

    i saw someone posted a pattern to search for mediavine sites, but why scrape when mediavine publishes all their sites themselfes? you just need to access this file: then you can get all domains and parse them via any tool you like i.e. ahrefs / semrush etc...
  3. Managed Blogs Thread_final_ver1.jpg

    Managed Blogs Thread_final_ver1.jpg

    Managed blogs services
  4. Paabl0

    Do you follow Characters Limit of Blog Title & Meta Description?

    I did my Blog/website SEO audit today. Ahref had multiple warnings saying my post titles are too long (up to 80 characters). It asked me to limit it down to 60 characters max. It said it's recommended for Google. Similar thing for meta description. It asked me to limit down to 150 characters...
  5. Sky Tech Solution


    ⚡SKY TECH SOLUTION ⚡DA50+ HIGH QUALITY PBN⚡⏩DO-FOLLOW BACKLINKS ⏩UNIQUE DOMAINS⏩ POWERFUL PBN BACKLINKS Email : S[email protected] Skype Name : SKY-Tech Solution | live:.cid.2020d8b81663226b WhatsApp : +923173831955
  6. twitt3r

    [WTB] We are acquiring blogs in entertainment niche | USA Top | Atleast 1000+ UV per month | Budget no bar

    Hi there, We are looking to acquire some blogs in entertainment niche. The requirements are as below - USA Top country - Min. 1000 unique visitors (organic) - English audience - non copyright / AdSense friendly content If you or someone you know is interested, you can PM me here or reach out...
  7. usama18

    5 Ready Made Amazon Affiliate Niche Blogs with Google Rankings and Backlinks [Built on High DA PA Expired Domains]

    Blog No.1 : Tech / Cameras Niche: Tech / Cameras Total No. of Words: 27000+ First Way Back Machine Record: 9 March , 2012 Linking Domains: 111 Domain Authority (DA) : 20 Page Authority (PA) : 24 Registrar : Godaddy List of Ranking Keywords in Google Top 100 Search Results ( Feburary 2023...
  8. Anne Hemingway

    I have product ready. Building PBN for it's promotion. Now content & backlinks: Need advice!

    So now I have several great looking websites ready. They have aged domains. All have certain topics. They will all combine in to one power product and can link each other together to skyrocket and take top places in my niche google rankings. Now I need some way to create 100s of blog posts in...
  9. HiQ

    Blog-host platforms !

    hello brothers I'm thinking of creating: a blogs hosting site on the sub-domain Two weeks I searched and tried and had no luck, I know this case. case name( please help me ;p ) There are many sites that provide the service and they have the same script, but I did not know, unfortunately...
  10. S

    Which is more important when starting a new blog.

    Ok so I'm starting a new blog in the gaming niche, however, I'm wondering if I should prioritize on-page optimization or just focus on righting easy-to-read useful content. Obviously in the long-term writing genuinely good content will get you backlinks but if you can't rank in the first place...
  11. susane


    WANT CONTENT THAT RANK ON GOOGLE? Articles Offered Guest Post Article Directories WEB 2.0 Website Content Blog Post Product Review Articles Details Required For Placing Order Number of Articles Number Of Keywords Number Of Words Each Article Target URL Additional Info (if any) FAQ Que...
  12. R

    How to add link in blog comments ?

    I am adding comment with hyperlink to a blog comment section but not able to add my comment looks like above screenshot but other users already commented with hyperlinks how they added the comment please tell.
  13. xpesos

    Google News Blogs for Sale - New and Established

    I have some old inventory of blogs and some new one's approved in Google News for sale For Updated List - Comment on this Thread Current available sites (More Sites to be added soon) For Website Links Comment on this Thread These websites are approved on "New" Google news Dashboard. For...
  14. Shel

    Is my site going to be penalized by Google? [Mass Content SEO]

    Hi everyone, 1 month ago I created a "review" website with wordpress. Here's what I did: 1. Downloaded a csv list of all businesses in my country (from government website - this is a CSV sheet of 1M businesses) 2. Deleted all data except businesses names 3. Imported all businesses names to...
  15. imccafey

    Writing Progress - How do I get started?

    I had been thinking of taking up writing full time, mainly articles and blogs related to science. However, I haven't progressed at all in this regard because mostly, I'm spending way too much time in deciding the topic and ending up nowhere. As a writer who's just starting out and well, being...
  16. M


    Good day! ABOUT ME X CONNECTION TO BHW I've been a silent reader for about a months now, just signed up a few weeks back; with a few comments here and there (not sure if they've been approved), and I can't thank you guys enough for everything! To those who have shared experiences, thoughts...
  17. A

    Blogs where i can comment with link as my name?

    Hello, looking for a blogs where you can leave a good and relevant comment and leave a link as your name , or similar, ofcourse if the comment is relevant and fine to the article. I dont mind niches Thanks
  18. D

    Article/Links from High DA sites- Entrepreneur, Reuters, etc

    Hi I'm looking for someone that can provide do follow links from articles from high DA authority sites. Like Reuters, Marketwatch etc. Also require links from UK sites (do follow only) with high DA. Must be permanent and no PBN's please. PM list with prices. Thanks
  19. RanQ Higher

    Looking for SSL Certification!

    Where can I buy cheap SSL for multiple websites? Share your best options!
  20. ziko12331

    Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform

    There is no doubt that blogging has changed the internet as we know it today. The days of boring, stale, static content websites are over. Bloggers have become a source of fresh and interesting content for internet users across the world. The blogosphere is constantly evolving and changing...
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