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    Hey all,
    I am a programmer and have been doing pretty well building and selling sites on Flippa, my last site sold for $5,000 and it took me 4 days to build, granted that was a better then average result I believe a large part of it were the graphics turned out really good, i can do photoshop but not my strongest point. I am a php programmer and like doing that more then CSS and HTML, although I can do both I figured if I partner with someone that can do this very well we can turn out twice the product and be better for it, I have a few ideas for the next few sites but would love to hear any if you have them. PLEASE only good web graphics people that can make current looking site template files (ie. skype, twitter etc) I use php, dreamweaver and photoshop. Also I do this for a living so NO part timers please, I want to make this into a very profitable business and hopefully take on clients while building turn key sites to flip.

    You can check out my site at to see some of the sites i have built although once a client gets their hands on it they often make it look really ugly so you can contact me if you want more of an idea of what i am into. MUST BE EASY TO WORK WITH. I like to have fun at what I am doing so you too please.