business partnership

  1. Jacob Martin

    JV Require from Japan and Philippine

    I am searching for a Genuine, Reliable partner from Japan and Philippine. Currently, I am running an eCommerce business in India and planning to expand my business in Japan and Philippine. Japan is one of the best destinations in Asia to run any e-commerce business whereas Philippine is famous...
  2. M

    Should i partner with someone in close distance or long distance?

    Which is better? I'm currently planning on running a digital music production business and looking for a partner. However i don't know whether to look for someone in close distance or long distance. I think there is pros and cons to either option. I will list them below tell me what you guys...
  3. Selfinflicted

    I'm here to make money!!

    Hi Everyone, New to this place, business man, mid 30's, experience only from executive positions when it comes to IT and marketing, but bringing with me many years from that side. In many ways I think I bring something a bit different to this forum of developers I believe, as I understand the...
  4. G

    Need business partner

    I need Business proposals to get my product sold. I'm willing to give a real percentage of the profits. I can also travel, to make the things more legal and to meet you personally. My product website is Please see what is my product all about, before making any...
  5. J

    Partner needed - Must do great graphics

    Hey all, I am a programmer and have been doing pretty well building and selling sites on Flippa, my last site sold for $5,000 and it took me 4 days to build, granted that was a better then average result I believe a large part of it were the graphics turned out really good, i can do photoshop...
  6. S

    I am ready to Invest & Ready to work in JV mode if you have good business process

    Hi, I have 200 seated IT company with high system cofig with call center set up too and I am ready to invest on any good projects. If you anyone have good IT process let me know. also it is easy for me to recruit IT professionals. Thanks.
  7. S

    REV SHARING: 200 seats available Looking for genuine IT& ITES process

    Hi, I have 200 seats with highly configured systems with call center set up. Looking for business process like. 1. .net application development. 2. Inbound call center process. 3. graphic designing 4. data entry 5. Application maintenance quality professional in low cost...
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