1. Y

    Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Experts for Children's Book Illustrations and Tutoring Lessons

    Looking for an amazing illustrator with experience in children's book illustrations. I'm also looking for someone who can provide tutoring lessons on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you're interested, send me a direct message or comment below with your price per page for illustrations...
  2. M0805

    ✅ Graphics Design | Thread Design | Signature | Logo | Banner | Thumbnail and more! ✅

  3. B

    Need photoshop for facebook

    Need Photoshop for Facebook. Account locked. Pm me
  4. B

    Photoshop needed

    Can anyone do photoshop for Facebook ? Account locked. Pm me
  5. montague

    Hiring Photoshop Experts

    We are looking to hire photoshop experts who can create undetectable photoshops Payment will be made through USDT For more details, please reach out to me through a private message
  6. designer style

    Free YT-Thumbnail Design For 2 BHW memebers.

    As the title says, I will make HQ YT-Thumbnail Design For 2 BHW members. FOR FREE!! Requirement: Membership is not less than six months. 20 Threads at minimum. Non-Adult or dating videos. 15k Subscibers at miniment. The first Tow persons who reply with all requirements will WIN!
  7. L

    Please read the post i need some help

    Hello please i need some help to earn 5$ a day please I have fiverr account upwork account freelancer account but i am not earning anything from these I tried forex trading als but i lose money please i dont want to do any job here in my country to earn money i want to do something by my...
  8. JohnDontheman

    Need a female Virtual Assistant For Photo editing ( Photoshop ) | Hourly rate 2-3$

    Need a female Virtual Assistant For Photo editing ( Photoshop ) | Hourly rate 2-3$ Requirements: 1: Must be Good on English 2: Have skill on photoshop 3: Have a Good PC Configuration.
  9. SMMTribe

    [HAF] Ultimate photoshop editing skills

    HI there. Any one here who is a pro photoshop editor? PM Me please must be Jr.
  10. mo006


    CONTACT INFO: -Email: [email protected] -Discord: mo006#0465 -Skype: -Telegram: DELIVERY TIME: I will get it delivered within 24 hours. However, depending on my availability, it might take up to 48 hours. REFUND POLICY...
  11. M

    Specialists wanted for Image editing / graphic design (Photoshop / Graphic Designer)

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need a graphic designer / Photoshop expert who can adapt photos and files (PDF) and make them editable. Anyone who can help us, give us tips, do these things for us, can get in touch with us...
  12. vnlzpirate

    Facebook ID verification

    Hey there, I need help with some IDs for Facebook verification purposes. Drop your contact info if you have successfully created IDs that pass the Facebook verification process. Thanks!
  13. N

    Hiring Photoshop Composite Expert for Fashion Art Project

    Looking to hire a Photoshop Expert doing Composites: Client provides 3 images: 2 of model 1 of background Freelancer will need to be skilled: Cutout of model of placement into background (client will give mock example of required placement) Matching lighting and texture of overall photo...
  14. CreativeDaddy

    [WTH] Freelancer simple Photoshop Work

    As the Title says, its a really simple work to adjust some things in 1 logo already done. Contact me through private message here on BHW. Cheers CreativeDaddy


    We're looking for a professional photoshop artist that's able to change the letters/text on existing photos to our preference. Budget: $1-$1000
  16. goku786

    How can I make these types of thumbnails?

    hey guys does anyone knows... How can I make these types of thumbnails? Thank you.
  17. L

    Rdp vps

    ANY ONE KNOW ANY FREE RDP OR VPS MY WINDOW IS 32 BIT I WANT TO run illustrator and photoshop 64 can any one please suggest me Thank You
  18. Y

    Photoshop/Design pro needed

    I create memes and discord emojis. I need a designer to help me bring my visions to reality. hit me on Skype live:.cid.537d7fb620de4348
  19. A

    WTB - verified accounts

    Need someone good with photoshop and can verify accounts on exchanges for me. Apps that require you open camera and take picture of ID and selfie. If you can do this, message me.
  20. ty310

    [JV] Looking for artists experienced in both Maya and Photoshop

    If you or anyone you know is experienced in (auto desk) Maya as well as photoshop please reply to this thread or private message me directly. This is a very lucrative ongoing JV project. Referrals are welcome too; we can iron out the details in the DMs. I am based in Los Angeles but this job can...
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