1. M

    how to use canva magic eraser tool for multiple images at once

    i want to delete overlay of images or logo of image with canva magic eraser for multiple images how to it.
  2. pattyponsy

    Need New Jersey License Made

    Hello. Just as title says, need someone to make me an NJ license. Need it done quickly (1-2 day turnaround at most). Will provide you with details needed to edit and we'll go from there. No budget, but do let me know what you would charge. Thank you.
  3. BigDrako

    Got Photoshop Skills?

    I need to modify handwritings into "Fan signs" (if anyone remembers what those are lol). I tried finding a tutorial that shows how to do that but no luck. Anyone can help please?
  4. D

    Face replacement

    Need to replace a face from one photo to another
  5. D

    Photoshop and other photo editors

    I have a website where users need to be verified. To verify their account, they need to send a photo with a piece of paper on which the site address, their email, and today’s date will be written. How can I check a photo to be sure that no changes have been made to the photo using Photoshop or...
  6. L

    scraping email from website lists

    I have a lists of websites links is there any free tool from which i can scrape emails and other data from those websites Thank You
  7. Vido900

    Photoshop Key, Where to buy cheap photoshop key- licence?

    Hello guys I'm looking to buy cheap Photoshop key-license, is there any website I can buy from? (I need it for personal use, but i don't want to download it via torrent). Thanks a lot!
  8. D

    Photoshop or Canva?

    What is better for designing Photoshop or Canva? I would like to know
  9. L

    how to make hexagonal image in photoshop

    how to make hexagonal image like this in photoshop I have made it like this but i dont know now how to make the lightening can some one please give me some tips how to achieve this.
  10. giveitlegs

    Looking for photoshop expert / hotel / travel / image manipulation talent

    Hey, have a client looking for a photoshop / image manipulation work mainly for hotel images, roomtypes, common areas, outdoor/indoor attraction, background/foreground cleanup, item removal, - basically making the images look pro level. Have a decent monthly retainer budget for the right person...
  11. Panther28

    Thowing this money making youtube fish out there! Go catch if you are active and need easy creative ideas

    Use a tutorial such as this, and then great a moving picture in whatever editors you want, all you need is a simple loop of a 360 rotation of the effect. Then go to youtube and put up something like: Background Greenscreen Image Animated Starburst Film Comic Effect I'm not sure how many views...
  12. metalgear01

    Graphics Design & Video Editing | Thumbnails | Banners | Logos | FAST & HQ VIDEO EDITING

  13. A

    2D Animation software

    hello everyone, i want to start a YT channel . and i wanna post very simple 2d animations and doing voiceover on them to create a senario. you know what i maen. but i dont really want to actually animate. like moving my character from point A to B without even having a proper leg movement. or...
  14. BH.Creative

    The BEST Websites for Graphic Designers - The Largest Reference for Graphic Designers

    In this post, we will talk about some sites we use it that are help all designers, Open sources, mockups, fonts, brushes, and everything related to graphic design, let's mack this post like a reference for designers, If you know other sites, share it in comments For Everything: 1-
  15. Panther28

    Make Faceless Animated AI Youtube Video Shorts and GIFS with Photoshop & ChatGPT

    18:30 pm start sunglasses Larger dark sunglasses Settled on this onto the next one. 18:43PM Copy and paste one head Rotate and reposition the head Final line Looks good enough. Onto next line Missing sunglasses Dark sunglasses Better. Next 18:51...
  16. E

    Looking for good Photoshop editor

    Locked out of facebook, please pm me information
  17. Y

    Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Experts for Children's Book Illustrations and Tutoring Lessons

    Looking for an amazing illustrator with experience in children's book illustrations. I'm also looking for someone who can provide tutoring lessons on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you're interested, send me a direct message or comment below with your price per page for illustrations...
  18. M0805

    ✅ Graphics Design | Thread Design | Signature | Logo | Banner | Thumbnail and more! ✅

  19. B

    Need photoshop for facebook

    Need Photoshop for Facebook. Account locked. Pm me
  20. B

    Photoshop needed

    Can anyone do photoshop for Facebook ? Account locked. Pm me
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