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(*)(*)Partner Can Email 1 Mil A Day - Affiliate Offer Needed(*)(*)

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by pistolpete77, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. pistolpete77

    pistolpete77 Junior Member

    Apr 15, 2016
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    I need a good converting offer that pays fast.

    My partner can email up to 1 mil a day, to his own in house targeted very clean data.
    Offer MUST be up and running and converting at a high rate.

    No Adult, gambling or illegal offers.
    No paypal only payment deals, must be able to pay by wire or ach
    Traffic will be USA only.
    Most major niches, biz op, travel, debt, dating, weight loss, edu etc..
    I will want to chat on the phone as well so no skype only people please, or pm only people.
    The data is cleaned weekly, very low bounce rates, so no risk to the network, its all opt in data
    PM for more details
    Please no NEWBS!!

    Looking for 1 good converting offer and I will need stats from you to prove it. I wont except anything that pays later than weekly, prefer a deal direct through the network owner.
  2. BassTrackerBoats

    BassTrackerBoats Super Moderator Staff Member Moderator Jr. VIP

    Mar 10, 2010
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    Selling CPA Sites
    Not England
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    JV Approved

    Please note: When you go into partnership with another member, you MUST do your own due diligence. All partners in a venture take full responsibility for the service and for each other's actions in respect to that service. If any member breaks the marketplace rules, all partners will bear the consequences.


    Remember, use your head, don't expect everything to be perfect and plan on working to be successful as almost no business opportunity just pours cash into your hands without some elbow grease.
  3. Thefox2

    Thefox2 Newbie

    Jul 21, 2011
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    Check your PMs