1. telim2

    GoWebby Webmailer: Multithreaded bot for Sending Bulk Emails via Browsers/SMTP using Google Accounts

    GoWebby is a multithreaded email automation bot designed for efficiently sending bulk emails. It offers two distinct modes of operation: one that emulates human actions through web browsers and another that sends emails directly via SMTP using IP addresses with email-enabled ports. GoWebby...
  2. M

    Custom Headers

    Hello guys, We are in a need of a super pro guy who has deep knowledge about SMTP Custom Headers. If someone is interested supporting chat us on skype: Regards, Mond
  3. DanTe_0101

    As a company what challenges are you facing in email side of things?

    This is sort of a market research question. As a company what kind of challenges/issues are you facing in email marketing section of your business? Anything related to email that would make your life easier if done by professional? Or anything that you want to outsource in email side of...
  4. M

    I have 150k B2B emails to exploit

    I have a good scrapping tool and a heated email address. So I have 150k B2B emails to exploit. Do you have ideas to monetize them? I don't know what to send as an email, what to sell. I can redo a scrap and target with Scrapebox by keywords etc... I tried to contact the web agencies of a city...
  5. TaylerColley

    What is the best doing with a 10K email list, no specific niche, no specific country?

    What is the best doing with a 10K email list, no specific niche, no specific country?
  6. P

    Who is using Atomic Mailer i need your help..

    Hi members, i used AMS for yeaaars now but this days the program is tripping… So i use now Atomic Mailer.. my question is i don’t know how to add bulk smtps i see only a option to add them one by one.. i also don’t know the good settings for treads and stuff.. i have like 5000+ so i need to add...
  7. Wewon

    GoMailPro WebMailer = Multithread MAILER FOR SENDING to all type of Emails + Google Redirects

    I am glad to introduce you, Professional New Multi threaded WebMailer = GoMailPro on (Google, Outlook, AOL) Accounts. WebMailer: Complete emulation of the real PC and human actions, which allows you to increase the life and number of emails sent from consumables many times and to reach INBOX on...
  8. S

    I need help !

    hi everyone .. I'm in the third world country and I'm fullstack web developer with 7 years of experience. im able to convert any ideas to a high performance website .. but now i need some money to live ! in my country there is no jobs for developers :( so i want to try email spamming. i can...
  9. Sandie2018

    Do you think Mailreach will help me?

    Hi guys, I am using an SMTP and I am warming up the IPs. I have two IPs and I rotate them through PMTA. Everything was going well but recently I got quite a number of complaints and my sender score on one of the IPs went down from 97 to 11. The IP is not blacklisted by the way. Do you think...
  10. DanTe_0101

    Need help with some advice on how to hire people!

    Hello, Basically I am doing email marketing right now and I need help on how to scale this. Lets say I want to hire people who will do the campaign creation and email sending part and I need another guy who can take care of backend/techincal side of mailing like creating SMTPs, looking after...
  11. yasso90

    Question for the mail expert

    Hey guys, I've experienced something strange since Gmail went down earlier last week I think (or this week?). When sending marketing mails through my regular SMTP host & mail sender software, I get a mail delivery failure, with this error code: 550 High probability of spam. Just to clarify...
  12. S

    anyone knows a method to send bulk mail to emails

    Please share if someone got any method to send bulk mail to oranege emails.
  13. W

    Inbox mailing marketing

    Hi guys! So I'm new to CPA and email marketing. Is there any new methods to inbox cold mails (spamming) and bypass spam filters? (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc..). Or if there's any ressources / websites that drop this regularly! Thanks in advance.
  14. T

    Mailing (E-Marekitng) Gmail, Want GMAIL information please !

    hi recently i get some problems with my servers and ips are spam now t i want to know if there is a new repporting method restore the reputation of the servers and thanks
  15. goprowithiln

    Email Marketing In 2020

    Hey, I have a lot of data that's all totally clean, and relevant to my affiliate offers. However it's so difficult to mail volume now outside of main ESPs, and once I get one shut down, it's so hard to hit the emails again. Anyone got any mass mailing techniques still working?
  16. blockhetwarld

    need to send 30k emails

    I'm looking to send 30k emails, obviously looking for the best inbox rate possible all emails are validated - no hard bounces. am ready to pay and send today. not interested in buying servers, just wanna give you the info and you take care of the sendout let me know if you're capable of doing...
  17. blockhetwarld

    emailing solution

    looking to inbox around 20k emails. I'm wanting to pay on a campaign per campaign basis. my budget for the sendout depends on the inbox rate you can provide, really. between 60 and 100$ per 20k the email content is plain text, an image and a link not interested in buying servers, just wanna...
  18. P

    How will you send 5m emails per day?

    I know SES is good but will they allow this type of volume? Let me know the best method to work with this.
  19. nanohits

    Mailsniper Pro - Premium Email Marketing Automation Software - 50% off One time Payment!

    Features: Import Unlimited Lists To Use Mailsniper Pro For All Your Business Advanced List Cleaning Tool To Keep Your List Clean And Reduce Bounce Rates Advance Subscriber Management (Suppression List, Message Wise, Bounce Wise, Export, Create Custom Fields Etc.) To Send Exclusive Emails No...
  20. L

    Mass mailing/spam

    hello, who of you is in mass mailing ? do you still make good money in 2019 with this ? what software are you using and what affiliate program ? I would like to learn thank youù
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