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    Hi and hello from Russia)) Just because of this forum i start to make money online, before i did some freelance and always had lot of job stupid customers and few $. But now is change. Thank you BHW and speacial thanks going to Crazyflx.

    So i wont to give something back to the forum. I was making list of wordpress plugins for one of my russian blogs, and it wasn't bullshit list copy pasted from somewhere. This list was writen by me and took around week to test and put all together.
    So here for you completely new selection of blogosphere and social services. I did not include in the collection plug-ins that have not been updated and do not work in newer versions of Wordpress (even though they were popular in the past),

    I also dont think that necessary to put large number of plug-ins into this collection . For each item I looked and selected the best in my opinion. Main point not to put lot of plugins, i wont to find best for your needs. So everyone can get started with this blogging engine.

    Summary of selections: Plugins for SEO, for backups, security, content security, anti-spam, to monetize the blog, to Twitter, Facebook and OpenID, and other social plugins for Statistics and Analysis, for the convenience of visitors to the blog for comments, feedback from visitors to the blog, plugins for images and galleries to insert audio, video and other files to speed up Wordpress, for the RSS feed for the blog owner, as well as additional plug-ins and a list of resources on the plugins Wordpress. Ufff, looked at the content itself and was scared.

    SEO Plugins for Wordpress

    1. All in One SEO Pack - a true classic plugin to optimize your Wordpress blog . This plugin allows you to optimize your blog for search engines.: prescribe the meta title, description and keywords, add value to your site for search engines. plugin must be installed on any blog.
    2. Platinum SEO Pack - another useful plugin for internal optimization blog on Wordpress. It has many options and opportunities. For example, Platinum SEO Pack can automatically create a 301 redirect when changing URLs, which is very convenient.
    3. SEO Ultimate - a good plugin for Wordpress blog optimized with more features. Allows you to optimize the meta tags that track the broken links, edit files. Htaccess and robots.txt, and more.
    4. WordPress SEO - an interesting plugin to optimize your blog for search engine promotion.
    5. Google XML Sitemaps - a useful plugin that generates a sitemap in xml format, which helps search engines to index your blog. After creating a site map add it to webmaster Google and Yahoo and etc.
    6. WP Sitemap - for better indexing by search engines (besides the site map in xml format) can make a map in html format. Everything is simple - install the plugin, create a page (not post) and put it on this code: [wp_sitemap]. Map your blog in html format ready!
    7. SEO Friendly Images - who said that the promotion with images has no effect? Okay, i am little nervous today, some aggression, need to calm down. Promotion picture becomes more promising. If you want to get more visitors then plugin SEO Friendly Images - what you need. It allows you to prescribe the alt and title attributes to images on your blog.
    8. Keyword Statistics - this plugin allows you to determine the density of the search requests in writing articles, and helps you optimize your meta tags.

    Wordpress plugins for backups

    Make regular backups not only useful but must be done. Of backups you can quickly restore the site. I sincerely advise you not to ignore backup regularly and maintain a database and image files to your blog.

    9. WP-DBManager - plugin that allows you to keep your blog database and restore it, add and remove tables. Plugin WP-DBManager developed by well-known creator of Wordpress Plugin Lester Chan.
    10. WordPress Backup - This plugin allows you to save images from a folder uploads, theme files and plugins for your blog in a zip archive. It is possible to send the saved file to e-mail. If you use a plugin WP-DBManager WordPress Backup together, then you will have all the necessary backups of your blog Wordpress.
    11. WordPress EZ Backup - This plug-in ombines the functions of the two previous ones. It can save a database of your blog, and files.
    12. Online Backup for WordPress - another solution for creating backups. Online Backup for WordPress allows you to store a database of your blog, and send backup by e-mail, save to your desktop or send to the server developer.

    Wordpress security plugin

    Blog security is an important point that should not be neglected. Plug-ins are a good means of enhancing the security of your blog. You cant 100% to protect your blog but.... Each type of protection creates certain obstacles and difficulties for the attackers. The more obstacles the better.
    13. WP Security Scan - start with plug-scanners. WP Security Scanner hides version of Wordpress, and scans your blog for various vulnerabilities, such as the rights to the files and folders for simple password, etc. and makes recommendations to correct them. In addition, this plugin allows you to change the prefix in the database.
    14. WP Secure - if for any reason wp securrity scan will not work, try this one . WP Secure will scan your blog for 23 points of safety. Allows you to restrict entry to the admin panel and make it possible only with your IP.
    15. BulletProof Security - a useful plugin for safety. BulletProof Security allows you to protect your important files on your blog (wp-config.php, php.ini and php5.ini) through a file. Htaccess. There is a mode for the technical work on the blog. Disables error messages, hiding the version of Wordpress and the rights to check the folders and files.
    16. Secure WordPress - cool plugin that removes the error messages on login page, hides information about the version of the blog, add a blank index.html file in the folder with the plug, so no one can see a list of plugins used.
    17. WordPress File Monitor - useful plugin that monitors for changes in the files of your blog, and in case of an unauthorized edit, delete or add files to send you a message on e-mail. A sort of modest, but useful workaholic.
    18. AntiVirus - handy plug-in to check your blog for viruses and exploits. You can configure automatic daily test of sending the report to you on e-mail.

    Plug-ins for content protection

    This point is moot. I am not a supporter of disabling the right mouse button or the ability to select text - it may be necessary for regular readers of your blog. There is no way to protect 100% of your site's content from being copied. If the site is posted on the Internet who want will always find a way to copy the content. However, I know that some bloggers are feel very important to protect them content, so for them I picked up the following plug-ins.
    19. Blog Protector - this plugin allows you to click the right mouse button on the pages of your blog and disables the ability to highlight text.
    20. Protection WP - apart from disabling the right mouse button and highlight the text, this plugin allows you to disable RSS feed to your blog. As you know, content is often copied it via RSS.

    Wordpress plugins to combat spam

    21. Akismet - one of the most popular wordpress plugins, number of downloads has exceeded over 4 million. It happens that the Akismet spam mistakenly normal comments, but overall, it is indispensable and helps filter out spam automatically. This is one of those plug-ins that I put in the first place. By the way, the author of this plugin - himself Matt Mullenweg, creator of Wordpress.
    22. Antispam Bee - It allows you to deal effectively with automatic spam by substituting the text field. Spam can either be removed immediately, or simply tagged to the blog owner himself took the decision to delete a particular comment.
    23. NoSpamNX - Wordpress plugin for effective fight against spam. It is convenient for users because they do not need to enter complex security codes, and allows you to filter out a significant portion of spam. The principle of substitution fields.

    Wordpress plugins to monetize your blog

    24. iMoney - an interesting plugin for monetizing a blog with good functionality. It works with the systems Google Adsense, Sape, TNX / XAP, Begun, Mainlink, Linkfeed, Adskape. Allows you to place ads before or after the article text in widgets or in the bottom of the blog.
    25. AdRotate - useful plugin Wordpress, which allows you to display banners in rotation (that is, each page is reloaded in the same place will show another banner).
    26. All in One Adsense and YPN - a popular plug-in that allows you to automatically insert commercials advertising system Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). You can set the color, size and location of the ad units and will automatically be placed in every post to your blog.
    27. Easy AdSense - a popular plug-in for placing Google Adsense contextual advertising in posts and sidebar blog Wordpress. In addition, the plug-in allows you to put on the blog search box in Google.
    28. Simple Adsense - an easy and convenient to insert a plug-in Google Adsense ads on the blog. The owner of the blog provides several fields for inserting the content or other advertising, which can then be placed in the right place positions in the form of short codes of the form [adsense_id = "1"].
    29. s2Member - a very interesting plugin that allows you to do some of the material for your blog accessible only to visitors who have paid for access via PayPal. You can set 4 types of paid subscriptions, as well as specify the amount of payment - from daily to yearly.
    30. WP e-Commerce - This plugin allows you to add a shopping cart to your blog.

    Wordpress Plugins for Twitter

    Microblogging service Twitter has become increasingly popular. It has to be necessarily used if you run your blog. This will get more visitors and to announce the content for your blog. Links from Twitter quickly indexed by search engines.

    30. Xhanch - My Twitter - a popular plug-in that allows you to display your messages from Twitter on your blog. Supports multiple accounts and has many settings. Xhanch - My Twitter is easy and fast, as has its own cache system.
    31. Clever Tweet - an interesting plugin for Wordpress Twitter, which also allows you to display your messages on the blog, but it does so with a nice animation on jQuery. Surely you've seen a similar effect on the blogs, where messages from Twitter themselves scrolled. You can set the interval bar, turn on and off retweets etc. There is a cache to reduce load on the hosting.
    32. Tweet This - a popular plug-in that will add a button to retweets posts on your blog Wordpress.
    33. TweetMeme Button - another plugin that adds a button in the materials retweets your blog, as well as in the RSS feed. You can implement the RSS button retweets and no plug-in, if we use the article Sergei Feschukova Add button ReTweet to RSS-feeds without plug-ins.
    34. WP-Twitter Retweet Button - if you like the buttons official retweets of Twitter, then install this plugin. It has all the necessary settings.
    35. Tweet Tweet - an interesting plugin that allows you to save your messages to Twitter, as well as messages from your Twi-feed into a database for your blog Wordpress.
    36. TweetUpdater - if there is no desire to manually configure the publication of announcements of your posts on the blog on Twitter service via Feedburner (which can be done in this article, the relevant information comes after the phrase "Redirect RSS blog feed via the service Feedburner), then it can be done with this plugin .

    Wordpress plugins for Facebook

    If you have blog, I advise you to have an account in the social network and create a page for your blog.

    37. WP-FacebookConnect - allows users to leave comments on your blog using the authorization on Facebook. Please note that comments will not be stored in a database for your blog.
    38. Facebook Comments for WordPress - This plugin - an analogue of the previous one, it also allows visitors to comment on your blog with your account Facebook.
    39. Share On Facebook - this plugin puts a button to your blog posts add to Facebook, to allow visitors to share their favorite materials in the social network.
    40. Like - this plugin allows you to put another button to add to Facebook - Like (or "I like"). There are all necessary settings.
    41. Facebook Fan box - handy plug-in in order to display blog of your friends on your blog. This allows everybody to join you on Facebook with one click.

    Wordpress plugins for OpenID

    Wordpress plugins for OpenID

    As I wrote OpenID post How to add OpenID to your site, so you can read it.

    42. VKontakte Share Button - useful plugin Wordpress, with which you can insert a button to add your articles in a social network OpenID. You can customize the type of button, horizontal and vertical positioning, mapping to positions and / or pages, specify the type of description and provide a link on the logo to your blog.

    Other social Wordpress plugins

    43. BuddyPress - a popular plug-in that allows you to create a social network based on the Wordpress. Functional includes the ability to register users, creating groups, blogging users, private messages, tape activity and much more. For BuddyPress created a lot of plugins that can be found on this page.

    44. Social Profiles Widget - a plugin that allows you to display icons with links to your profiles in various social networks.

    45. AddThis - one of the most popular services button to add a social networking Addthis.com (by the way, offered scripts suitable for the site of any engine) offers a plug-in Wordpress. What is wonderful - among the nearly three hundred social services offered by the buttons is OpenID.

    46. Share and Follow - nice plug for insertion into the buttons to add social networking to your blog. You can select the desired type of buttons, there are many options. These buttons can be done without plug-ins to do this.

    47. Social Media Widget - another plugin that allows you to put on your blog button added to the social services. You can choose from three sizes of buttons, 4 styles and 4 animations.

    Wordpress Plugins for Statistics and Analysis

    48. WP-log-robots - a great plugin that allows you to track when and what kind of search engine spider visits your blog, as well as which pages on your blog, he has visited. All information is stored in plain text file.

    49. Google Analytics for WordPress - known plugin for system statistics Google Analytics. Allows you to comprehensively analyze the statistics of visits to your blog.

    50. WP-Stats-Dashboard - a very interesting plugin for statistics analysis. Its peculiarity is that the owner of the blog shows statistics on social services, from graphics to the dynamics of growth in the number of followers on Twitter, and finishing with data on individual keywords.

    Wordpress Plugins for the convenience of visitors to the blog

    I have highlighted a number of plugins that are well suited for creating the convenience of visitors to your blog as a separate item.

    51. Loginza - handy plug-in to authenticate visitors to your blog using the account on the popular services OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, MyOpenID, Google etc.

    52. WP-PageNavi - plug-in for creating page navigation on the blog Wordpress. By default, this feature is not Wordpress. WP-PageNavi allows for pagination to blog pages have numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. I suggest to put this plugin as page navigation is convenient for visitors.

    53. GD Star Rating - a popular plug-ranking posts in your blog so that visitors can evaluate your materials. There are a number of various settings.

    54. Subscribe to Comments Now! - A plugin that gives visitors the opportunity to subscribe to comments on their interesting article by e-mail. There is an option of subscription without commenting.

    55. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin - Plugin to automatically display related articles on your blog. I have repeatedly convinced that if placed at the end of each article, a list of similar, it increases the number of page views and time that visitors will spend on your blog.

    56. Related Posts Thumbnails - great plugin, which also displays similar positions, only with pictures. As a result, the effect on page views on your blog grows.

    57. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved - if you want to publish code examples on his blog, I advise you to install this plugin for syntax highlighting. As a result, visitors will have a much more convenient to study your proposed code.

    58. WordPress Popular Posts - great plugin, which displays a list of most popular posts on your blog that allows visitors to immediately see your best material.

    59. Most Commented Widget - another useful plugin which displays a list of the most commented articles on your blog.

    60. WP-Polls - want to do surveys of visitors to your blog? Then you need the plugin WP-Polls.

    61. PollDaddy Polls & Ratings - another Wordpress plugin to create a survey of visitors to your blog. There are all necessary settings.

    62. GTranslate - plug-in that will allow visitors to translate your articles to any of 58 languages ​​offered. According to statistics, it covers 98% of Internet users in the world.

    63. Better Tag Cloud - allows not only beautiful to display a tag cloud, but also the flexibility to customize it. There are many options on color and size before you to ask your style and display certain tags in a cloud.

    64. Configurable Tag Cloud - another plugin for Wordpress tag cloud with good functionality.

    65. Breadcrumb NavXT - a popular plug-in to create a navigation-style "bread crumbs", which is not only convenient for visitors, but also positively affects the internal linking blog. "Bread crumbs" look like - Home-Category-Name of fasting.

    Wordpress plugins for comment

    66. Disqus Comment System - plug-in from the popular service comments Disqus. This system replaces the standard Wordpress comments and makes them more convenient for commentators (they do not need to fill in every time the name and e-mail), and for the blog owner. Moreover, all comments are stored in a database for your blog, so at any moment, this plugin can be disabled and comments will be displayed in standard form.

    67. IntenseDebate Comments - plug-in comments from other known systems - Intense Debate. Also extends the capabilities of default Wordpress comments system, and synchronizes all the comments from the database. As with Disqus, the blog owner can reply to comments by e-mail, which is very convenient.

    68. Greg's Threaded Comment Numbering - Numbering tree plugin for comments.

    69. Top Commentators Widget - if you want to encourage visitors to comment, you can place in the sidebar list of the most active commentators with this plugin.

    70. ******** - another plug for increasing the number of comments on your blog. It allows you to make links to commentators open to indexing by search engines, by removing the attribute rel = "nofollow". This will make your blog more attractive to the commentators, who will receive the indexed links to your site. It should be noted that an increasing number of manual spam.

    71. CommentLuv - popular in English-speaking Internet plug-in that displays a link to the latest fast commentator.

    Plug-ins for feedback from visitors to the blog

    Getting feedback from visitors to its site is an important issue for many webmasters.

    72. Cforms - very nice and handy plugin to create a contact form on your blog. I take it this plugin. Settings a lot, but to understand them is easy.

    73. Contact Form 7 - another popular plugin to create a feedback form on the blog Wordpress. At the same time simple and functional, has all the necessary settings to create the desired contact form.

    74. Fast Secure Contact Form - plug-in contact form with multiple settings and protection against bots. However, the captcha (security code) have all given me a plugin for the feedback.

    Wordpress plugins for images and galleries

    75. NextGEN Gallery - this plugin to create image galleries on the blog in the top 10 most downloaded plugin Wordpress. It has a lot of options to create the desired picture gallery. You can configure different effects when changing images, you can automatically watermark, create slideshows and much more. Demo gallery can be seen on the developer's site, in the right column you can jump to different design options, and pages with examples will be given the codes needed to create one or another variant.

    76. 3D Carousel Menu FX - plug-in for a very effective three-dimensional "carousel" of images. The demo can be found on this page. Seeing is believing.

    77. Page Flip Image Gallery - with the help of this plug-in creates a stylish image gallery with page turning effect. Looks great! What do I write a better look it up yourself.

    78. WordPress Content Slide - this plugin allows you to create a beautiful slideshow of your images. The pictures will change themselves. Here's a demo of one of the options.

    Plug-ins for insertion of audio, video and other files

    79. Smart YouTube - great plugin for inserting videos from Youtube. Allows you to adjust the size you want the video window and set the color of the player.

    80. Video Embedder - handy plug-in to insert video from popular video sharing on my blog. Despite the fact that he has not been updated quite a while, it works in newer versions of Wordpress.

    81. WordPress Video Plugin - if the previous does not work, put it. It also supports dozens of popular video sharing and allows you to easily embed video on your blog.

    82. Google Doc Embedder - the more formats in the uttering of the material on your blog you use, the better. Customers love the variety. Google Doc Embedder Plugin allows you to easily embed documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, TIFF, as well as presentations in PPT and PPS. To do this, but you must first upload them to Google Docs service.

    83. Allow Word / Powerpoint / Excel file uploads - do not want to use Google Docs, but still want to publish a "vordovskie" files and presentations on your blog? We offer this plug-in that allows you to download material from your computer directly to your blog. In addition to the files DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, this plugin supports tables Excel (XLS and XLSX).

    84. WPaudio MP3 Player - a popular plug-in to insert audio files and podcasts for Wordpress bloggers. Simple and easy to use audio player with a friendly interface. There is support for the HTML5 standard iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile browsers.

    85. podPress - one of the most famous Wordpress Plugin for podcasters. C it can be used not only to post podcasts on his blog, but also monitor your downloads from the graphs.

    86. Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin - this plugin is designed specifically for podcasters. Supports the following formats: mp3, m4a, ogg, wma, ra, mp4a, m4v, mp4v, mpg, asf, avi, wmv, flv, swf, mov, divx, 3gp, midi, wav, aa, pdf, torrent, m4b, m4r. There are several to choose from stylish audio player. Supported by iTunes.

    Plug-ins to speed up Wordpress

    Unfortunately, with each new version of Wordpress is becoming more demanding of resources, creating an increased burden on the hosting. Of all the solutions I'm using a script cache fee of Max, which will significantly reduce the load on the server.

    87. WP Super Cache - Cache popular plugin Wordpress. This plugin generates static HTML files from dynamic pages of your blog that allows you to reduce the load on the server. You can include complete or partial caching.

    88. Hyper Cache - another example of a solution to reduce the load on Wordpress hosting. How to write a developer, he created this plug-in specifically for web hosts with limited resources. There are three types of caching - a full, only the positions and only the main page and archives.

    89. Quick Cache - another plug-in caching Wordpress, which can reduce the burden on the hosting. There are all the settings required for the job.

    Wordpress plugins to RSS feeds

    90. RSS Footer - a useful plugin that displays a list of similar materials after post in RSS feeds, which ultimately gives more hits to your blog.

    91. FD Feedburner Plugin - Plugin to connect to your blog RSS feeds to the service Feedburner.

    Wordpress plugins for bloggers

    92. Broken Link Checker - it's a useful plugin for the blog owner, which allows us to find broken links, images and redirects and displays this information in the admin panel either sends a notification e-mail.

    93. All in One Webmaster - a useful plugin for the blog owner, which allows you to work with Google, Bing, Alexa, Yahoo, Facebook and BlogCatalog. There is a handy option to add a sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

    93. Simple Tags - popular plug-in that allows you to conveniently work with the tags on your blog. There are all the functionality that you can think of for the tags.

    94. Redirection - very useful plugin that allows you to easily set redirects from old pages to new ones. Only need to specify the address of the old and new pages, a redirect (eg, 301), and click OK. All created redirections can be viewed and changed if necessary.


    95. Article Directory - if you want to make a catalog of articles based on the Wordpress blog, you can use this plugin from Dimoksa. It comes with a template that allows you to make a complete catalog of items.

    96. Visitor Maps and Who's Online - surely you saw that on some blogs in the sidebar displays a small map of the world and it marks the place where visitors have come to this blog. This plugin will allow you to become ruler of the world to observe where in the world come to your blog.

    97. WPtouch - plug-in, which is designed to transform your blog into an application for the iPhone. In order to see how it will look like, look at the screenshots. The author of this plugin in the next release plans to support the iPad.
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