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    Discover the art of crafting stunning websites with WordPress. From themes to plugins, navigate the WordPress ecosystem with ease. Customize layouts, optimize SEO, and turn your vision into a digital masterpiece.


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    WordPress premium GPL themes plugins and templates
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    GPL Cellar - Nulled WordPress Plugins Downloader
  5. goku786


    [LEGIT LICENSE ACTIVATION ON YOUR WORDPRESS DASHBOARD] EXCLUSIVE ON BLACKHATWORLD 50% - 70% OFF HERE ON - https://www.digitalcyber.shop/ AVAILABLE LICENSE ✅Elementor Products: 50% OFF From Original Price Elementor Pro Per Year - https://elementor.com/pro/ Anywhere Elementor Pro -...
  6. Rank Panda

    How do they show Adsense ads on this website?

    I've been seeing these kinds of advertisements for a very long time, but I don't know how to show them like this, and I looked at the source code to see the plugin name, but I never found it. I'm sure many of you who utilize this strategy are familiar with it. Does anyone know this plugin or...
  7. dAnilTanwar

    Why I should always use the latest Plugins and WordPress version?

    Today, I checked my website dashboard. There I received a message for updating my WordPress. Also, I checked that my plugins not updated. Please help me to know why I should always use the latest Plugins and WordPress version?
  8. Tube Agency

    Wordpress plugin developer needed

    Hey, I'm looking for a wordpress plugin developer who can make a delivery tracking plugin (with custom dashboard and everything for admin to manually input data), but for services (instead of physical product). End user would see something like this for each order:
  9. UnusualSubstance

    Here's a couple lightweight security plugins I always use

    I use these on my sites all the time, never been hacked... a coincidence? probably :D anyway here they are: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/block-bad-queries/ https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/blackhole-bad-bots/
  10. Themer


    Quick introduction to our service: You can purchase premium themes & plugins from our store listed above for a fraction of the original price. You can either purchase a single item or a one time subscription for unlimited downloads. Following are the plans and pricing. Please note there is an...
  11. Sandie2018

    How to remove featured images from posts?

    Hi, I want to hide featured images from all posts on my site. I found a plugin that I can use to hide one featured image separately on each post but it would be a lot of work to manually hide all featured images from all posts. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks
  12. bendutchman

    [GET] woocrack.com downloader

    Hey Guy's https://downloader.la/ have just added https://woocrack.com/ It's not my site, just a good resource I thought I could share with you all. Cheers
  13. TBolts20

    Looking for WordPress Security Plugin Recommendations

    Looking for paid or unpaid, agency license or single license WordPress security plugin recommendations! Recently had some issues with outdated plugins that left a website vulnerable and 2000 malicious files were found on the site by our hosts security team. Was able to get everything removed...
  14. hellis

    WordPress Plugins To Help You Rank and Secure Your Site

    Just so that you are aware I get asked a lot what plugins we use here on our blog. So below is a list of plugins we use; one thing you should note is not all the plugins listed below are specifically for website speed. However we have researched and use the best plugins we feel that meets our...
  15. EasySunshine

    Essential Wordpress Plugins 2020

    Hey BHW, When launching a new site, regardless of the subject matter or content, what are the essential base plugins you make sure to install on all new wordpress installations?
  16. T

    8 Popular WordPress Plugins Are Currently Being Exploited By Hackers

    A new report reveals an increased number of attacks against WordPress sites, all of which exploit security flaws in popular plugins. Many of the attacks against WordPress sites last month involve hackers trying to hijack sites by targeting recently-patched plugin bugs. In other cases...
  17. EternalFun

    Anyone use Kingsumo?

    Hi, I am getting this skin by default: https://ibb.co/x32kZRr but I want this skin: https://ibb.co/WW6FhK4 I tried adding all those steps but the skin won't come out like that.
  18. KJREDDY247@

    Opinions on Mailster Plugin

    I JUST STARTED USING MAILSTER. Anyone else in here using this one. Seems like they got some great options to handle all subscribers. Do you guys have a good experience with this? Any tips or tricks that i need to concentrate while starting with this? Thanks in advance
  19. H

    Create an automated posting site on wp and make it unique

    Search for wp automtic plugin and download its free version or buy it. Upload it manually Create a new campaign Feed it with rss/feedlink you want it to be importing posts from Change where the post will land to draft Edit imported posts and use spintax to spin the contents to change wordings...
  20. nanohits

    MOTO MEGA BUNDLE - 50% off - 30 WP Themes, 100 HTML Templates, 20 WP Plugins, 800 Graphics + More!

    For full info and all the themes and HTML templates check out https://softwarepro.cc/motomegabundle/ Get this Mega Bundle for 50% off. Now only $24.50 for a Limited Time! Ask for the Coupon Code One Review Copy will be given to a Senior BHW Member of my choosing!
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