.OST to .PST data files - Mail Merge Problem: Changing default mail ID in Data Files

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Aug 31, 2018
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Hi, I have been trying to do merge mail on my outlook.

I have around 10 mail id's configured on my outlook. When I try to do the merge mail I was trying to change the default data file settings it is showing the below error, does anyone have any experience similar to this problem.

(some people might find this as a simple problem but I spent 3 hours to figure it out but at the end, I am here now)



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Dec 14, 2018
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1. Launch MS Outlook.
2. In Outlook, click "File," then "Import and Export Wizard."
3. Click "Export to a file" and "Next."
4. Click "Personal Folder File (.PST)" and "Next."
5. Click "Personal Folders" at the top of the list, then click "Include subfolders." This will export everything in your OST file into a PST file. Click the appropriate categories in the list if you want to export only certain data such as your contacts. Click "Next."
6. Click the "Browse" button. Navigate to a folder on your hard drive where you want to store your PST file. Type a file name and hit "Enter." Choose how you wish possible duplicate items to be managed.
7. Click "Finish."

However, it has been observed that manual migration of OST to PST using above method can cause some data loss, so mostly users prefer using third party Datavare OST to PST Converters only as these tools provides secure and risk-free conversion without causing any modification to the format of original data in OST file whereas manual method can alter the original format. Moreover, third party conversion tools converts OST to PST qickly
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