1. Conjecting

    All new Gmail accounts are going to SPAM!

    Guys, this is frustrating as hell. Up until now I've had no problem sending out 500-1,000 emails per day (if I need to). All I would do is purchase an aged Gmail account, warm it up over a few weeks, and assign it to it's own IP address (within NordVPN). There are actually no proxies involved...
  2. Kherosen

    any tool for email spamming?

    Hi there, i dont know if this is the right thread but still i'm talking about tools so here we are. Does anyone know a good tool (free/paid) for email spamming? i mean i have no email host, no professional email or whatever.. is there a way to just follow some steps and start email-spam right...
  3. L

    How to use well targeted database to make money

    Hello everyone, I am particularly grateful to this community despite the fact that I have never made money from internet yet. Actually I only lose some ^^ domain name hosting ... related to an entrepreneuriale project and to a blog that I try to build And because I've lost my job I have to...
  4. T

    Mailing (E-Marekitng) Gmail, Want GMAIL information please !

    hi recently i get some problems with my servers and ips are spam now t i want to know if there is a new repporting method restore the reputation of the servers and thanks
  5. T

    Here’s Why Emails Go to Spam (and What to Do About It)

    Email has been and continues to be an absolute workhorse for marketers. Research from the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric found, “Email had a median ROI of 122 percent—more than four times higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.”...
  6. loveLORD

    Let's Talk EMAIL MARETING ! <discussion>

    Hello BHW people ! I made this thread to discuss email marketing from both the technical and strategical points of view ! Email marketers really don't talk about it because it is a powerful money making method plus it is really not for anyone thus it requires shit load of IT knowledge and...
  7. blockhetwarld

    emailing solution

    looking to inbox around 20k emails. I'm wanting to pay on a campaign per campaign basis. my budget for the sendout depends on the inbox rate you can provide, really. between 60 and 100$ per 20k the email content is plain text, an image and a link not interested in buying servers, just wanna...
  8. blockhetwarld

    Monetise a 70k email list of rappers

    get creative.. how would you monetise off a list like that?
  9. alexel

    Adult Dating Affiliate Emailers

    I setup a unique email optin flow for my adult dating traffic. My biggest concern is heading in the wrong direction, I'd love to open a discussion with someone who's already doing this.
  10. blockhetwarld

    inbox 35k emails

    looking to send 35k mails. scraped list, cleaned off bounces, highly targeted. have done similar campaigns in the past and the spam rate is 0% because the list is very targeted budget 80$ email content is only text (no links, no images)
  11. survivorghost

    Bulk email sender -- affordable options

    I have about 1 million emails list, This is a very clean and valid email list, collect personally from websites where all these people personally subscribed. I though using this email list somehow can get me some dollars. Now I am trying to find the right email sender, an affordable option...
  12. survivorghost

    ✅ CPA Emailing 1 Million emails ✅

    I have a list of 1 millions emails. clean and all active real people. extracted from a website where these people have subscribed . So I imagined doing some CPA campaigns on this email list could turn very successful and profitable. So I got to the point of finding the right email sender, and...
  13. survivorghost


    I have recently acquired a 1M emails of real active people from the same country. And I'm currently not sure how I can monetize these emails, I though about CPA, but I don't have much experiences in that. Maybe there a something better! What do you think? what would you do with a 1M emails?
  14. V

    Custom email list

    Hello, I need somebody to scrape targeted emails for me. Please message me with your rates and I’ll give details. Thank you.
  15. Shel

    Using GSuite to send mass email - Questions

    Hi, I need to send 20k emails (list of 20k email addresses all in the same niche) GSuite allows to send 2000 emails/day /account, am I right? I guess these accounts need to be warmed up before So if in my GSuite account I create 10 users with the same domain: [email protected]
  16. KJREDDY247@

    Need help on Email header Error

    I was using outlook to send emails, from the last 10 days some my emails were not getting delivery reports or getting some other errors, i check with bigrock they sent me the below: For the attached header, our Anti-Spam Filter Team has updated with below information:-...
  17. W

    Mailing Lists

    Hello, we're looking to buy mailing lists specifically in the finance / forex / trading space. If you have large lists (that have been run through a verification program), please reach out.
  18. S

    Facebook Ads &'nd Monetize Mailing List

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this Forum and i welcome all who are reading. I'm a full-time Marketer in a bigger Online Shop for Health Products. My focus is Landigpage Optimization, Newsletter Marketing and Social-Media Display Campagnen. I would like to know how is the best...
  19. kurosaki4d

    Kamikaze emails sending

    Hi everybody, I would like to know if it's possible to send at once like 10k cold emails through Mailchimp or through a 3rd party emailing app before getting blacklisted. I don't mind getting blacklisted as long as the emails go through ! It's more like a blast sending for one time only. Is a...
  20. W


    We need urgent help from someone who knows how to use VoloMP. Our database if 2M in size. We can extract the data easily, but we want it in segments (mailed, delivered, opened). Does anyone know how to do this and can you help for 10 minutes via skype or teamviewer?