1. J

    Merge few articles for one spintax?

    Hey, I have a technical question, I got 5 articles for my niche: -Article 1 -Article 2 -Article 3 -Article 4 -Article 5 Looking for method software, which will put spintax format in these option to make software choose randmly between them: {Article 1|Article 2|Article 3|Article 4|Article 5} I...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    .OST to .PST data files - Mail Merge Problem: Changing default mail ID in Data Files

    Hi, I have been trying to do merge mail on my outlook. I have around 10 mail id's configured on my outlook. When I try to do the merge mail I was trying to change the default data file settings it is showing the below error, does anyone have any experience similar to this problem. (some people...
  3. M

    Merge more than 5-6 Facebook-Pages

    Hello, can anyone tell me if it´s possible to merge more then 6 facebook-fanapge. for a while someone tells me, that it´s possible with these link and if you use a us proxy and account language english (US). but everytime i get a error message. does anyone become a facebook-page where you can...
  4. SteveHolt

    Facebook Pg Merging / Renaming

    If anyone needs help getting things done with their facebook pages, whether it's Renaming a page, merging two pages together, or any other administrative type of thing that you're having trouble with, I can help! I have advertiser support and I can get your pages merged, renamed, or anything...
  5. O

    Merge executables

    Hello all, I've searched all over the internet to find an awser to my question. I even decompiled masterworks to find it. I would like to make a worm, injecting itself into another executable. So when the target application is started, it will first start my worm, which will find other...
  6. Entertainment

    Microsoft Excel Question

    Hi Guys, I know this is probably the wrong section for my question, but it's as close as I could find. If you know which section I should post this in, please tell me & I will try to move the thread. Anyway... Does anyone know how I can automate this process in excel so I don't need to do it...
  7. Speedlearner

    What Will Happen on Merging

    What will happen if I have 2 pages a very low reach fan page and combined it to an active and high reach fan page what will happen? will the low reach fan page can get active again by merging to the active and high reach fan page? will it work?
  8. R

    How can I set Merge Mail API

    Hi guys Please I want to know how can I install and configure "Merge Mail API" to include it in my php mailer application Thank you
  9. M

    Facebook fan page merge ?

    Hello i am from Bulgaria can some one tell my how i can merge a facebook fan page . I have merge 5 times and then i get error can some one tell my how to bypass that error ?
  10. S

    Facebook Page Merge [HELP]

    Help me merge fb pages .. different names anybody can else ? pls
  11. H

    Facebook merge pages

    Facebook merge pages through the admin panel is not working. does not work either via the contact form. This is from yesterday. Does anyone have a solution?
  12. yordanov

    Is it a good idea to merge FB pages

    Hello, I want to merge two or more FB pages but I am wondering is it a good idea to merge 2 or more FB pages into ONE? And what will happened with likes when they are duplicated in the other pages? I mean the same person liked all 3 pages for example. Do you have experience in merging FB pages...
  13. A

    Has your page been unpublished do to facebook recent glitch?

    Visit here and tell your story, if you followed TOS and got your page unpublished with no explanation. facebook - /help/community/question/?id=1512066882352853
  14. 1ksao

    Moving HTML to Wordpress (with a twist)

    Hey gang, I have a client who has 2 fully established sites for his business (no idea why). One site is HTML and the other is Wordpress. My client is doing fairly well with his rankings but he wants the HTML site to go away and his Wordpress site to be the only site online. Could I just copy...
  15. G

    Simple Html Page generator using keyword list

    I have content and i have a keyword list. I have been trying to figure out how to merge it and save each keywords individual file as keyword.html Can anyone suggest a content merger/generator that can take inputs of keyword and a text block, and replace a text in the block with the keyword, and...
  16. download

    Associated Content Acquired by Yahoo

    First post, long time reader. :p Associated Content is being acquired by Yahoo! Hopefully this will mean higher rankings on search engines, higher payments, and more effective backlinks! What do you guys will happen to AC in the future? Read the news here...
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