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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by catnipking, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Something just occurred to me about how the on page anchor text links are built on one of my larger sites, and I am wondering if it will be worth my while to go through and change them all - hopefully a couple people can chime in with advice on this one.

    This way this site is built the homepage - let's call it (www.myurl.com) actually re-directs to www.myurl.com/home/ as soon as it generates.

    All of my off page SEO anchor text backlinks are pointing directly to www.myurl.com - however this site has a CMS on it that I used to do all my on page anchor text backlinks throughout the site. This way this particular CMS operates it put in all the on page anchor text links pointing to my homepage as www.myurl.com/home/

    So would it be worth my while to ditch the (/home/) extension and change all my on page anchor text links to point directly to www.myurl.com instead? Does this presence of the (/home/) extension make any difference whatsoever? Perhaps the way I have it now is actually the stronger setup for SEO?

    Thanks for any advice
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    Type in Rel-Canonical on Google. And read about it. It should explain everything you need.

    If that is just for www vs non www. Use a 301.
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    You can also use 301 to tell the engine that page x has move to location y. So any links putting to x will be forwarded to location y.