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Offline strategies | SHARE, LEARN & EARN

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by healzer, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. healzer

    healzer BANNED BANNED Jr. VIP

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    Lately I have been pushing myself into the offline business, making schemes and working out strategies.
    There aren't many people (right now) in my life with whom I can discuss my ideas and plans, that's why BHW is such a big success I believe.

    For starters, here are some of the steps I've taken:

    I've got inspired by some of BHW's successful and contributing members, you can check out their threads:

    There are literally hundreds of similar threads on BHW.

    Let's say I've read those threads 1-2 years ago, but it's only 3-4 weeks ago that I've really started doing something. I have had few minor offline clients (web design related that is) here and there, but none were really "mine", I've gotten in touch with them through friends/family/BHW.
    Here was my to-do list:
    • Website (5 pages: index; SEO; web design; graphic design; contact) - Bought a template on Themeforest (html/css) - I don't like Wordpress though.
    • You can find commercially-free images on http://sxc.hu , if you care about copyrights that is.
    • Website on-site optimization.
    • Google Analytics & Webmasters
    • Social media accounts: Twitter, G+, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel

    The to-do list had some other things as well; my original website was non-English, so recently I've also made an English version. I've also bought short animated videos from Fiverr with my script (5 videos). If I were you, on a low budget, you can download some free Powerpoint templates and then in Office Powerpoint you can produce a video (mp4 format) - no need for screen recording, unless you wish to do a voice over.
    If the video has no sound, you can use royalty free sounds that YouTube provides. Then I've uploaded 2 video's with a nice informative description and setup a GSA campaign. Yesterday added two more videos.

    Business cards: Something you really want to have in your pocket & wallet. On graphicriver I've purchased a nice template and modified it to my style & taste. Then I ordered (from a local company) to print me 50 cards (double sided) it was about 20 EUR (~ 30 USD).

    Portfolio: I have a tablet, so you should have something to present your clients. I've made PDF's/Presentations (about 5 - 15 slides) which help to explain what SEO is; how web design is done correctly; how online marketing works. I have about 3 presentations. Next to that I have about 100 pictures of graphics/logos/brochures/website templates showcasing what they can have and how I can improve their business.

    Clothes: This depends on your region/culture of course, but look professional and modern. Make sure you smell good, brush your teeth, put on glasses if you have any (you'll look smarter that is).

    Personal development: Go to the gym, go running or swimming from time to time. People like being around strong , motivated and amazing personalities. People don't like sloppy, low minded, depressed types.

    Advice: You don't have to be perfect. This is one my fears I have right now, there are areas in which I lack knowledge/motivation/improvement and that makes me doubt myself - but it's part of life and improving yourself.

    Start selling:
    So I've read many times: "Don't go in selling, but build relationships" - I totally agree on this. One concept I've had in mind was to simply work for free, for some local companies and build relationships with them. If it's a new-website-scale-thing then I don't think it's a wise move, it will take a lot of time. But what if you could just make some infographics or flyers for free for them (use some template of course); that will certainly make you a priority.

    My progress:
    Once the website was done, the portfolio and business cards were ready then I started gathering information. I started listing local companies on an excel spreadsheet (Name, Company Name, Phone, Email, Website, category).
    Then I made some concepts of letters; companies without a website would be categorized as "web design" and companies with a website but not ranking on top 10 for some obvious keywords would be categorized "SEO". There are also bunch of companies with awful websites so they are categorized "Website improvement".

    First 10 letters
    All of these were targeting Real Estate companies (I started with Medium sized companies, don't want to bother with hairdressers).
    All of these had a website, so I've sent them a Search Engine Optimization proposal. I've listed 4-5 keywords (local keywords) and their position. I've pointed out they'll receive a lot more traffic/sales if they rank higher, because a lot of searching/buying is done online.
    I have not included any gadgets or toys. Just one letter (in color), I've also used a template that I've bought recently (edited it with Adobe InDesign).
    Right now it's the beginning of the 2nd week after sending those letters and not a single call/email yet.

    Second batch of 10 letters
    I've targeted various random local companies (this time I included a hairdresser). Most of these are stores selling furniture or some repair services. I haven't changed the design from the first batch, however I made some contextual and psychological changes (mostly details, but details are important).
    Two days ago I've sent out this batch.

    This week, I'll call the local companies from my first batch and ask them whether they've read my letters and if we could schedule a meeting.

    Believe in yourself
    It's hard for me doing this, what if people won't like me or what if they'll laugh? Ok, but I'll still do this and see how people react. This is a self-improvement journey as well, the person I am right now is far from "good" and I really have to develop myself on social areas.
    So if you want to try something new, just go for it, even if you're only 18 (I'm 20) - don't be afraid and miserable like I was for 2 years.
    And take your time to get things right, I didn't make the website in one day, it took me a few days to prepare content, find some nice template, do my research etc... Take 3-5 days to make a portfolio. Take 2 days to make a nice looking business card. Take your time to do your research and homework. Will the time and work payoff? I don't know... but if you don't try you'll never know :)

    Share your thoughts and ideas, maybe from your personal experience and let's make some money!
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  2. cryptexicebone

    cryptexicebone Regular Member

    Sep 9, 2012
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    los angeles, ca
    Remember an important component, you more often that not must sell yourself just as you sell your product or service. Personal image and expression plays a big part in any business interaction. Business cards and professional attire will make you look much more professional thus increasing the chance of being taken seriously if you're a start up.
  3. healzer

    healzer BANNED BANNED Jr. VIP

    Jun 26, 2011
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    That is some crucial advice, thank you!

    Here is another idea that I'm preparing right now:

    Send out 10 letters to local IT companies or printing companies, offering a business venture.
    If they have a client interested in a website or graphic design then we do a 25:75 share venture. So basically it's an offline referral system. They can either pitch the client themselves or give their client my business card, phone number or a flyer/brochure.
  4. healzer

    healzer BANNED BANNED Jr. VIP

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Another creative method:

    The local Real Estate companies in my town/area usually have a crappy website and only images. And since Video is going to be the next major thing then there is some money to be made! I've got inspired by Real Estate video's of luxury homes ; example:

    So another thing to try, if you have a nice camera or have some friends with camera's and camera skills then you can make a deal. Most homes you'll be taping won't be luxury ones, but a few hundred/thousand dollars for an hour or two filming + few hours editing is well worth it! You can also be their "YouTube & Social Media expert" this way.

    This is something I'm going to pitch in the near future.