1. L


    What is the solution for faster proposals For website management clients
  2. C

    How do you stay connected with your clients?

    Hey guys How do you stay connected with your clients? If they need help how do you let them reach you? Do you get burned out if you have too many clients and they have to reach you?
  3. RealHoffman

    How To Get Hired For Video Editor and Graphic Designer

    Hello BHW community. How are you guys. I have question, do you now maybe some tips and tricks for getting clients for video editing and graphic design stuff. I have several years experience in this fields, but today is way harder to find clients than before. I would like to hear guys some tips...
  4. TheToolbox

    Find Clients for Free

    How can i find and contact clients for free ? Any Suggestions? Regards :)
  5. seoblackcap

    Can I use Fake Name on Facebook ?

    Hello All, Can I use my fake name on facebook, my purpose is to created 2 different accounts for SEO purpose , its effect on our clients or vendors if we choose our fake name for dealing ??
  6. A

    What Payment Method You Use For Your Agency?

    Agency owners, what payment method do you use to charge your clients especially for retainer? And do you send any contracts to your client to sign?

    how can i get customer information from Google ad

    Hi. I have a fiverr gig and i want to promote it using google ads.. but i don't want to drive traffic tofiverr from ads because of their huge fees How can i get the customer details from ad ? or how can client order my service because i don't have a website for this Thanks
  8. prey24

    best way to get some clients in the start?

    What according is the best way to get initial clients if you are selling website and store design services? I have tried FB groups and Reddit subforums.
  9. RealDaddy

    [Guide] How to find Good Clients on Instagram?

    Hello BHW, Instagram can be a very lucrative platform for you [as a service provider] NOTE:- I will assume that you provide SMM services, this will work for any type of online service. We will learn "How to find Good Clients on Instagram?" step:-1 Finding the potential leads. Niche is the...
  10. ad149

    How to find potential clients and how to persuade them

    Let's share our "hacks" we have learned throughout the years. I'll start first Find clients I personally use google maps scraper softwares and linkedin as well as VC backed startups Persuade Don't sell the product, sell the experience, the gains and profits. Don't say I want to sell you...
  11. TheDemne

    I offer webdesign but struggle with clients.

    Hello guys, I registered my first agency and offer webdesign to local businesses. Here is what I have done so far: I created a driving school website and now I contact driving schools over the phone and tell them that their website is outdated so I created them a new one. They can have a look...
  12. biffer123

    Would you rather a book on Instagram growth & monetization, getting clients, or all of them?

    As title suggests, I'm thinking of putting together a ebook of sorts and wondering where to focus Would you guys be interested in learning Instagram growth & monetization? Would you rather hear about how to get clients for an agency (could be non-instagram related agency) Or Would you...
  13. D

    [HOW TO] Successfully Find Clients on LinkedIn and Make Money

    LinkedIn is something that I use on a daily basis for my business. I did not use it on a full scale until recently, but when I started doing it properly I was amazed at the results I got. Particularly, I got two corporate clients that require the same task as my small clients but the pay is way...
  14. Marcos Morales

    [Emergency] What is your Strategy/Protocol?

    My situation: I got two clients with a lot of money, who do not know anything about IG growth, at the same time I go through a hard economical moment. I believed to know "a lot" about this topic, but comparing me with many people from BHW, I'm a real noob. My...
  15. jstarkseo

    How to get clients for SEO ?

    Hello Authorities Below are some Skills I have with 2.5 Years of Experience. Off-page Optimization On-page Optimization Link Bulding (scholarship links, Web 2.0 and much more) Facebook Marketing Youtube SEO Pinterest Marketing Yes I know, I can Post a my service here and earn money, but...
  16. lacifitra

    [Guide] How To Win GOOD Clients For Free

    Short Disclaimer: As the title mentions, this will be a short guide on how I got most of my clients without spending a cent. I'm neither a guru nor talented writer, so I'll keep all information within this thread free instead of trying to sell you a course. I censored the names & usernames of...
  17. D

    How to get easy clients?

    I run a marketing firm. We do Seo, web, PPC, ORM and social I have over 100 ongoing clients. I sort of stop bending over backward for everyone and as a result, I lost a few clients maybe 10 this year. But these clients I swear we're sucking the soul out of my life and I'm glad they are gone. One...
  18. lacifitra

    [Journey] Road to Stable 8K/Month Until November

    Hey there fellow BHW members. As you all know, there comes a time in the life of a man where he realizes that there's going to be a day when he can no longer depend on his CPA earnings alone and has to accomplish something sustainable in order to scale and start new projects. ;) Well, for me...
  19. Jimmy L

    Clients Vs eCommerce Brand

    What's up guy, in your opinion what is more lucrative building an eCommerce brand or getting clients? What do you think the pros and cons are?
  20. kurosaki4d

    Register clients emails in Mailchimp

    Hello All, I have a website where people register in it for getting certain digital products with montly subscriptions. That been said, i would like to know if there is a way to add people to my Mailchimp subscribers list the moment they apply in the registration form of my website, (by...