No more explore feed! Will be reach be better?


Nov 20, 2017
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No more explore feed guys. What do you think will be reach be better for pages? What you gonna do now?
yes They have removed the Explore Feed everyone is talking about this too bad
Personally i think it's a stupid decision. First of for a regular user, who follow a lot of different pages, explored feed was perfect when you want to avoid stupid personal meal photos etc.
And also for pages that don't pay for ads, i literally can't see any post from any my page i liked on a normal feed, just sponsored ones.
Facebook's "Explore" feed was experimental. And survey respondents have finally spoken about the split feeds: They are not liking it. This only shows a difference in opinion. Unfortunately, the consideration wasn't on the side of those who follow pages.

Yes, it was just for few countries. However, I think that the reach will stay low, regardless of the change. We'll see how it goes, but there is no difference so far in my page reach targeting some of these countries. Hope it will change
No major change expected on reach after this, none of the six countries on the beta test really matter. Only way reach will be back is if Facebook shares on the market drop their price, whichs is not happening atm, as there still tons of companies paying for reach, as long as they keep paying they don't give a $hit about us.
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