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  1. Maxim Fadeyev

    Instagram told what content is prohibited in the recommendations

    Instagram team revealed on what basis something gets free coverage, and something doesn't. It's about getting into Instagram Explore Recommended Accounts and Recommendations on IGTV. So, the coverage is less for those who post: · cosmetic procedures; · Pharmaceuticals; · Supplements for...
  2. S

    How to hit explore these days? Power likes seem to do nothing.

    I use a powerlike service but I get 0-10 impressions from the explore page usually so it seems the power likes are not worth the money and I could just buy fake likes if I wanted to boost my numbers. I am looking to reach new people with my content any ideas on services to help with that? I also...
  3. DonMillion

    No more explore feed! Will be reach be better?

    No more explore feed guys. What do you think will be reach be better for pages? What you gonna do now?