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    As most IMs will know the Google Wonder Wheel stopped working a while back.

    I have found this Google Keyword Suggestor tool to be a great replacement.

    You can get it here

    This is what it does. Quote :

    This tool will scrape Google for suggested links, usually the most popular search terms, which are found on the bottom of any Google search page.

    The advantage of using this tool is that it follows each result so you can get 300-500 on topic search terms to use as keywords or tags.
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    DNS root zone database
    I scanned the exe with Virustotal and got one positive. So people, be careful when downloading and running the program.

    File name: GKS.exe
    Submission date: 2011-12-16 13:01:25 (UTC)
    Current status: finished
    Result: 1/ 43 (2.3%)

    Edit: Okay, I tried it using keyword test and here's the result:


    I see you are using WebBrowser control which makes the program extremely slow and unreliable. For example I'm from Finland and when you're using the WebBrowser control my keyword results are from Since your program assumes it gets results from it doesn't work whenever someone from outside the USA uses it.


    To make your program a whole lot better I would suggest you to take a look at how to use TCP/IP in .Net programs. That way you can connect to the server and request pages with a speed of light because there's no more super slow IE instance running and showing the page. :) Of course it would most likely require you to use proxies or limit the speed of requests but it would make your program a lot better!
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