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  1. Duncan Ridgley

    Fake news and how to remove it from Google SERPs?

    I have done SEO for years, and now am trying to do the opposite. To remove ( other peoples) fake news content from SERPs :/ I created a key phrase list ( list A ) of 1,000 potential key phrases that the fake news may appear under and tried to scape through proxies to see what key...
  2. Panther28

    How To Learn Keyword Targeting Like A Scientist

    There are a few methods of keyword targeting. These include random target, hope and pray, general good feeling, or scientist approach. Personally, I like the scientist approach, so here is my method. Write or outsource your article. When it comes back there are 3 types of keyword/s you will...
  3. F

    Keyword determination?

    I have an existent site and am about to jump into some SEO exercises. My problem is where should I start in terms of determining SEO relevancy / top keywords for which I should be optimizing? I'm working in a market that essentially has no real competition per se, but the the keywords are...
  4. A

    New Google Suggestor Tool

    As most IMs will know the Google Wonder Wheel stopped working a while back. I have found this Google Keyword Suggestor tool to be a great replacement. You can get it here This is what it does. Quote : This tool will scrape Google for suggested links...
  5. F

    When choosing a keyword to target

    What is a good balance of monthly searches vs. competing websites? I know there are contributing factors such as how competitive the top spots are. But say I found a long tail keyword that was not being targeted by affiliate marketers and the top spots were just taken by the company that...
  6. H

    Webpage Keyword Rape Tool

    Hello Black Hat World. I dig this site and I hope that I will learn a lot as well as share my findings with all you intelligent little life forms. Care if I shoot with my first question? (I'll return the favour by posting something useful in another thread.) I'm looking for a tool that...
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