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    Fellow Black Hat World members. I have learned a ton from this site, and I have found quite a few helpful and knowledgeable people on here. I have a link building job that I wanted to post on here, and I am hoping someone on this forum can help me out with building some high quality backlinks...

    Build 50 Do-Follow PR6+ Back-links w/ Anchor Text


    We are looking for SEO specialists w/ 2-3 years of experience in link building and search engine optimization. You can be located anywhere in the world, however you must have Skype installed and be able to speak passable English to be considered.

    Job Description:

    We are looking for 50 inbound, 1-way PR6+ links from blogs, forums, or other types of sites that offer static HTML links w/ anchor text. These must be permanent hyperlinks, and NOT a monthly charge. We are looking for good quality sites to link to us in the long term.

    If you write blog comments, we ask that the comment be relevant to the topic of the blog posted to, to increase the lifespan of the link. However, you will be required to work in the link w/ anchor text as best you can, to make the comments look as natural as possible!


    Less than 2 weeks


    If we are happy with your work and low bid, we will have a steady stream of work for you immediately. Consider this a test run. We like to build long lasting relationships w/ trusted forum members.


    You will be paid at the project completion via PayPal once the links and PR of the backlinking pages have been verified. To be clear, these links must be from actual PR6+ pages, and NOT domain index page!

    Contact Information:

    If you meet the requirements, and are interested in this position, please email us with -

    1. Your Skype ID
    2. Bid for the job
    3. Work experience

    Send a PM if interested.
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    with just one post,i dnt thing anyone good will go first for you without any upfront payment. btw,wats you budget for all this?
    PM me only if you can pay atleast 50% upfront.
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    Wow. This seems like quite a tall order. I would think something like this would need to budget a few thousand dollars.
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    Please also PM ME If you can do this with a GOOD PRICE as I would also be interested in BUYING this service from someone.