Need your suggestion with content placement for SEO

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Dec 11, 2008
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Heeeyy :)

I really need some suggestions on how to actually write this one piece of content and how the distribution should be because of SEO.

My first thought was to create a SILO for example: (which will probably be a keyword).



So now I have all of these different brands and I wasn't sure if I should just use all in one article or maybe split it up into chunks of let's say 300-400 words and just interlink between them? I would then need to write one main article which talks about "screen replacement" while having navigation at the end to the rest of the posts?

What would be better for SEO? I am sure for user experience it would be one long post with navigation set at the top so page quickly scrolls to that section (making also article longer). I just am not sure how it will be if I split it up into sections and do the SILO like mentioned?

Am currently leaning towards one guide which will have brand name + kw in H2 tag and a section at the top to scroll there making it nice long guide for all the brands.
Am sure your are on right way,
Content silo is the first step to do.
Plan the content in a proper way so that you can interlink pages in website.
And when a website is big with structural and huge content , it helps in boosting website rank in SERP.
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