1. RueRoisCapo

    FASHION Article Placement

    Hey you guys I've been searching high and low for a way to get placement on RELEVANT fashion blogs! I have a footwear line primary for women and I would like to improve traffic and sales with a targeted female audience. Can anyone on BHW provide this service? (no dead sites please)
  2. Visual Eagle

    Need your suggestion with content placement for SEO

    Heeeyy :) I really need some suggestions on how to actually write this one piece of content and how the distribution should be because of SEO. My first thought was to create a SILO for example: (which will probably be a keyword). E.g...
  3. D

    Best Ad Placement

    Im getting around 2000 page views in one of my site. Only monetization is adsense. The thing which doesn't look good is adsense earnings. Its like $.60 RPM and yeah 65% India and 30% (combined English countries). My Ad placements are quite good. This is my ad placement. One below Menu which is...
  4. Z

    What do you think about my site...

    Hello I'm sorry if I'm posting i the wrong place but i need a review of my website, the site is I think that its good regarding ad placement and everything, what do you think? I am also going to put adsense ads on the bottom of each page also.
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