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    Hi guys, I posted a similar thread in the White hat SEO section, but I do not know how to delete that thread there as no one is really responding to me there. So please allow me to repost this one.

    I started an Amazon niche site about a month ago, and it already contains about 20 articles with a simple and clean WP theme and some useful plugins. I write the articles myself and make sure that they are unique and contain good information. I have some pictures in them too and are linked to my Amazon affiliate products.

    The average visitors I get per day is 28/day. Most of them are direct (84%), the others are Referral (12%) and Organic search (4%)

    The only thing that I am doing for backlinks is some legit blog commenting. I do not spam comments I do it legitimately and try to provide insight etc.

    My Affiliates account have already about 67 product clicks from June 1-9, but zero conversions.

    I also have 8 URLs indexed in my google webmasters tool account.

    There are some things that I would like to clarify, hopefully you guys can help me out.

    1. I have searched for the meaning of Direct visitors, but I still dont get it. I do not promote my website in any form in social media like FB/twitter/whatever nor do I put my website in ads. Plus I get referral visitors from some random links. Are these normal? What is the cause of this?

    2. I get product clicks but they just dont convert to something. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

    3. At this rate, am I on the right track basing from my statistics?

    I am trying to do it slowly with my website, trying to do it as legitimately as possible, as I do not want to be penalized. I also do not have the money to outsource SEO and stuff like that. What I will do however, is outsource for white hat links once I get the money.

    NOTE: This is the first website I have ever done in my life, so I am learning on the fly.