Need Help for Web 2.0 Blast - KD 20 According to Kwinder

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by R Kumar, Feb 8, 2018.

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    i just target low competition kw difficulty level is just 20 according to Kwfinder and competitor DA and PA is around-around same.

    so what i did. i tell u

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    and in last i made 5 web 2.0 (with all pages about etc) for tier 1 and connect to my MS after that i made 1 more web 2.0 for tier 2 and connect all tier 1 web 2.0 to this web 2.0. and blast GSA 1 Lakh links

    after that my all web 2.0 (tier 1) increased PA above 25 to 30 but my ranking not boost.

    what i do right now for ranking kw

    my confusion is started from here

    what anchors text should i give for tier 2 backlinks
    just main keywords or LSI or naked and Generic so please clear this and if all so what's the percentage

    and please tell

    one more question how much link i should blast for tier 2 like 1 lakh 2 lakh or just 10 K or 30 to 40K because KD is not so much

    Sorry for my English
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    Really, you are putting much effort. According to me, for tier2 backlinks, using LSI would be a nice option. And while talking about link density 1 lakh are sufficient.