backlink analisys

  1. W

    What is your experience using SEMrush in order to help increase website traffic?

    Hello I'm consider purchase the SEMRush paid version but first I would like to be clearified about the main features that this tool provide in order to help increase website traffic. My only objective is increase to thousands per day the visitors to my website. According with you guys...
  2. hims.000

    [Giveaway] Your Competitors Backlink Report for FREE (I have a Ubersuggest Subscription)

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that as a member of our community, you get Your Competitors Backlink Report for FREE from my side. Recently I bought Ubersuggest plan which provides me with 150 Search/Day with 2,000 backlinks. But I hardly use that tool. That's why I think to add value to...
  3. webMahesh

    Any websites are there to learn Off Page Seo

    I want to learn backlinks building so looking for proper guidance.
  4. Bedocach

    How to show the backlink on ahrefs

    my website got approval from google news a month ago my question is when i give a backlink to the parasite links the backlink does not appear on ahrefs
  5. M

    How to Buy Backlinks Without Getting Penalized?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I've been able to get a lot of knowledge from a lot of the threads so far. However, I haven't been able to find anything on how to buy backlinks without getting penalized. Are there any threads that talk about this or is there a recommended process...
  6. boicai88

    gambling site

    hai everyone does anyone know what website is this? and how to get backlinks from these sites?
  7. Yupwork

    Why I didn't Find New added Backlink

    Hi guys My domain name age is 6 months, it's been 20 days I start Link Building and get some backlink that have good DA like mention to this thread. Today I want to make sure that I'm getting backlink from those website and search on Ahrefs about it, but I didn't find those new backlink. Next I...
  8. hims.000

    (Disucussion)Is it good to hide backlink on my money site ?Then How

    Hi i want to know this thing. My competitors are always stealing my backlink and rank higher than me. I have learned somewhere that it is possible to hide backlink. Than my question is how can i hide. Is there any negative effect on SEO.
  9. Kasigazi

    {impossible} how is he getting these profile backlinks >high DR

    hello guys as i was doing my researcher i found a movie site that is using wix profile pages that rank on google the page ranks 1 on google for the keyword stream morbius free This is how the page looks like These are the backlinks pointing to that profile page These profile page is...
  10. Joseph nel

    Question about backlink indexing

    How can I check if the backlinks I bought are indexed?
  11. Gebb

    The value of generated traffic for a backlink

    A backlink (let's say, non spammy but relatively good backlink) can become more powerful if it's clicked and take visitors to my website, compared with the same backlink but with 0 traffic through that link?
  12. dhrpatel

    How to find good forums for Backlink Creation & How to create naked anchor backlink?

    I have created 1 guest post link for my new website, now I want to create forum links, please help me. How do I find the Best Relevant Forum? what is the best place to create naked anchor backlinks? Can I create comment backlinks or not? and how many profile backlinks should I create?
  13. Nody Khan

    Someone creating a comment backlinks of my website

    Hello Friends, Someone creating comment backlinks of my website. They created 1000+ Comment backlinks with adult keywords and still creating. What can I do in this situation? How to stop this kind of activity? My website was getting 2000+ visitors per/day and not all the keywords are...
  14. hims.000

    (Discussion) new web 2.0 site list

    Hey lets discuss.. How you manage new web 2.0 site.. A long time ago some web 2.0 site list was posted in this forum.. But no new updates on that post. As new web 2.0 site also come to the internet world. Many of us don't know this. How can we find this. If you search on google new web 2.0...
  15. hims.000

    [giveaway] {limited time} Get your Competitors all backlink list

    Hi friends.. In this post i am announching a giveaway for free backlink list of your competitors. I am using Arhfs pro. And also paying for this tool. I love this forum so i want to help some the members to get better ranking and success on blogging. Comment here if you are interested and...
  16. Vinyas Gowda

    Backlinks showing up in semrush but not in SERP!

    I see most of the backlinks which I have done shows up in SEMrush but while searching with site : (url) it doesn't show up in the SERP. Does this mean URL is indexed by Google or not? If not indexed how come semrush picked it? Requesting experts to kindly advice.
  17. SeedPhrase

    Does subdomain backlink worth paying??

    I came across few sellers on FB they offer high authority sites at a cheap price...and they are indexable as well, ex site - (doesnt exist) does such subdomain backlink worth paying?? do they affect ranking potentially?? cheers!!
  18. SeedPhrase

    How long google takes to Disavow Links??

    Hi guys, it's been 2 n half month I disavowed some bad links. but still, it's showing in Ahrefs. basically how long google takes to remove them? my domain has [한국민화박물관] 한 this kind 3000+ shit links. I see they badly affect my ranking. Are there any other ways to remove shit links??:(
  19. SeedPhrase

    Same Page Interlinking can Boost your Rank(Self-linking)

    Hi mates, today I observe a new(2month old) site on my niche, what he has:- 1- less content than me in terms of length and numbers too 2- contents seems not much quality 3- .blogspot domain with 4DA(11DR) 4- very few backlinks that and cheap links he outranks my maximum focus keywords since...
  20. cosmo89

    [GET IT NOW] SEO SpyGlass - 1 Year Deal FREE Now

    Hi, I am a huge fan for SEO Powersuite and just saw this one today in my email. FYI I am not part of Appsumo or SEO Powersuite, just a regular SEO marketer. SEO SpyGlass - Track, analyze, and replicate competitor backlinks to boost your SEO strategy How it will Help You: Analyze every...
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