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  1. jem001

    Anyone knows how to rank and drive traffic to a crypto news website?

    I don't know if this have been asked but cryptocurrency is a new niche that is getting popular today and I don't see anyone here doing a journey on ranking a crypto blog site. Need help for this because I just invested a lot on this blog and not sure if it's gonna work out!
  2. harrywilliams

    [Advice Needed] Web 2.0 Private Blog Network (PBN) - Still Worth It?

    The content in one of my blog niches is highly educational, but there is almost few IN ARTICLE backlinks even for the Wikipedia pages. So, almost all the blogs in my niche is lacking quality backlinks. But my competitors still manage to have manual backlinks from many different resources (I've...
  3. memekasin

    Ranking Positions Recovery After GSC Security Issue?

    On May 19, 2021, I was having a Security issue on my client's GSC account for malicious or deceptive app. My client is a travel agent who has an app available for Android (Play Store) and Windows. Since the Android app is hosted on Play Store, they can easily and safely put a Play Store badge...
  4. Anchal99


    Have a look on the title of this video. It was coming in recommendation with my every youtube account.
  5. Life 101

    [Journey] Learning SEO while building an Authority Site | Amazon + Adsense

    Hello, As the title says, I will try to build an authority site. My first site ever. I know nothing about SEO. I will learn by doing. My main goal is to learn, money will come as a consequence if I can do things right. But when we want to learn something it's because we have some kind of goal...
  6. Raman Sharma

    Amazon AWS Link Redirection & Link Indexing

    Hi all, Greetings, Today I have seen many Google sites domain which are rank on 1st page in Google search. Each "site.google.com/xyz" come through with a different type of redirection. Here is the link: "Redirecting you to http://www.office.com.setup.s3-website-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/"...
  7. cmghostbuster

    i can't understand rankings anymore. Why google ranks a more difficult keyword better than an easier one? Advice anyone?

    How is it possible to rank better for a keyword you're not targeting but rank a lot worse for the main targeted keyword? This is just an example: YYY Bluetooth review 2020 (with keyword difficulty 34 but only 300 search volume in ahrefs) ranks 1. YYY Bluetooth review (keywords difficulty...
  8. davids355

    Building and Ranking Sites in 2020 - The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction Back when I wrote the last guide (Building and ranking sites in 2017 - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/seo-guide-for-2017-building-and-ranking-sites.959735/) SEO was hard. Well, it certainly hasn't got any easier today and if you are looking for a quick way to make money online...
  9. pj777777

    Google anti trust action

    Fingers crossed guys... https://www.theregister.com/2020/10/20/us_google_antitrust/
  10. benj_pirate

    [WTH] SEO mission 1 year - 16000$ + long term collaboration possible.

    Dear BHW white hat SEOs. I’m looking for someone motivated to work as white as possible to rank (and then maintain) one page of my site, number 1 in google desktop, and mobile in the US and UK. The 2 main medium tail kw are the following: X and Y (3 words long) (dm for more info) And have the...
  11. Ed Roy

    Any Suggestion For RANK UP position #5 - #6 to position #1 / #2

    I am dealing with this problem. Almost 15+ my seed keywords are in stuck between position #5-#7 on Google SERP. My competitors don't have quality links as much as I have, though they rank above my website. I am trying my best to get into the #1 / #2 position, but it's not happening. One drawback...
  12. S

    I need HELP from a Blogging Expert!

    Hello guys, I opened a blog in January this year but I didn't invested too much time in it until two-three weeks ago. The point is that I own a youtube channel and it's the biggest in my niche. I own the biggest Facebook group in my niche. And you're right! 89% of the traffic that I get on my...
  13. Isuamfon

    SEO Gone Bad? Totally Lost Ranking | Here’s What Happened If You Can Relate

    So, we know that Google favor updated posts which I have benefited myself. But yesterday, I edited this article I was ranked 5th, after doing that I went on to Google URL inspection and re-crawled it, and just checked that I am not ranked anymore on Google Search – Like it’s not seen anywhere...
  14. Louis Timothy Dioso

    How to escape page 2 on Google search results?

    Hello guys before I start asking some stupid questions, I just want to thank you all here who gave me ideas and motivation to start a site. I have been into creating websites 2 years ago. I created 3 websites (2CPA site, Affiliate site) and it was all failed but I have learn many lessons through...
  15. Banik_Babe

    Website ranking #1 without keywords/backlinks

    What I just came across is a bomb! A website on my niche with several pages are ranking in the top google searches. The most shocking things are: Those pages have no BACKLINKS Those pages have very little keywords (100-250) The DA is 6 on Semrush and Domain Score (DS) is 1 on ubersuggest...
  16. prey24

    SEO is getting costly

    Replies on this thread will surely help newbies Ranking your website is getting much more difficult by each passing year because of the increasing competition. People with huge budgets and getting all the fishes by buying links from huge sites. What options/hacks/Blackhat methods are left for...
  17. seoforlife12467

    Anyone use Google Netic to rank you tube videos?

    Anyone use Google Netic to rank you tube videos? Or to rank #1 on google the video shows they used it for one day and they got to page 2

    ranking a livestream

    Can anyone here help me rank a livestream higher or #1 the current leaders in my niche gets max 1k viewers. Im willing to pay if you have tips and such im open for a jv even or just tips and tricks in general.
  19. R

    What is the best method to improve SEO for a new brand eCommerce website?

    Hi, I have a new brand eCommerce website. I want to improve its search engine ranking. But the problem is the products I am selling are new on the market. So there is not a good search keyword for the products on google. Could you please share any idea on how can I improve my website SEO? Thanks
  20. A

    Ranking Gets Drop Day by Day

    Hey I have a dedicated page for valentine and we are on top for valentine generic keyword, but as valentine comes closer my keyword ranking drops day by day and my competitors gets the higher position. Now it drop to 6th position in a week. I am also creating back links for these page on daily...