Need help, adwords for video ad dissaproved need 10k views


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Nov 29, 2011
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Hey I am promoting a music video for a client. And adwords has denied the video.


errorShocking content

errorAdult content

Its not even that bad, just some girls dancing around. Is there anyway to get around this. He needs 10k views. But he can't access the video to turn off adsense.
You can call Adwords and ask for a manual review, but I would only do this if the video is 100% compliant.
Yeah, this would come under the non-family safe which is a restricted category. If you're using Trueview Video Ads, then it's not allowed at all.
The Google search platform in certain countries allows 'adult' ads, but it's tightly controlled. The shocking content would be an issue though.

If Google have flagged the video up already, I'd move on to finding other advertising mediums.
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