Need Forms Plugin: Allows Large Malti Part Forms, Miltiple File Uploads & More. HELP!


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Mar 9, 2011
Need Help From All of The "Free Website Method" People!

I do web design for people and in order to get my name out there, I am using the "free website" setup, where my clients only pay for domain and hosting. The thing about doing this is that I have to limit what the design options are so that I am able to crank these sites out quickly. I need a streamlined method for clients to submit content to me so that I can basically just "plug in" their photos, text and info and be done with the site.

I am wondering if there is a form that would allow me to do this. I will describe to the best of my ability what I am looking for below.

THE FORM SETUP: It would have to allow BIG text areas, for say an "about page" - "bio" and such. It would have to allow multiple file uploads. It would have to allow paging. Once the multi-page form is submit, It would store the complete file in a place where I can download it and have all of the info ready to be plugged into the client's site.

So the functioning would be like this:

Client buys a website with 5 pages. - Now they need to send content in and I do this by having them "fill in the blanks" of the site, much likle one would do with a facebook profile.

They have 2 windows open - One is the theme that they chose to go with, the other is the form that I described. They would refer to the template/theme in order to complete the form.

  1. They look at the home page it has a header text, "about" text and 4 images.- So part one of the form they are filling out has a space for the header text, about text and 4 file upload boxes.
  2. Client clicks "next" (or something) and it takes them to another page, which on the site could be an "photos" page. - So the client looks at the photos page and there are 12 images with captions. - On the 2nd page of the form they are filling out, it has 15 upload boxes and 15 small caption boxes. They fill it all in, click next and move on to the next page of the site and of the form.
They continue this until they have custom content uploaded for each "example content" in the website template. 1 template page = 1 content submit page in the form.

I really hope I described what I am looking for well enough. If anyone has any ideas. Please share them because not having this streamlined is the only thing holding me back at the moment.
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