free website

  1. adarshak103

    Anyone check freenom purchase error?

    Today i opened freenom and also website, i searched for free domain. When i click on get now it shows that it is not available. I tried for paid domain it also is not working. Can anyone check once for me?
  2. Intrucoder

    [GIVEAWAY] Free custom made website

    Hi BHWers, I'm Intruder and I'm a web designer and developer. Now, I'm not one of those $100 website designer from fiverr, who get a template from somewhere and make a website for their clients, so rest assured that you're going to get a website developed from the scratch with stock images...
  3. Rikabu

    Free hosting, domain with SSL, perfect for starters

    I'm planning on writing a guide on How to set up a website wholely free with a SSL certificate. Perfect for beginners to practice on, perfect for the landing page, and the opportunities are limitless with the Free website setup. Is anybody interested?
  4. Shropdog

    a free website, hosting and connect your own domain for free

    It's probably a long shot, but who offer a say a free website builder and hosting that you can connect your own domain too? I know platforms like wix and wordpress have free options, but you have to use their sub-domains for free services ( which is how they make money i appreciate that ), but...
  5. Roger Marquez

    Question about Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and Blogger

    I have a couple of question is regarding making money by creating a free website on any of those platforms. 1. Have anyone generated any recurrent income by doing affiliate marketing through building a free website on any of those platforms? If your answer is YES... 2. What would be your...
  6. Shropdog

    How to attach new domain to free website builder and not loose first page rankings

    I launched a new website 3 weeks ago using a free website builder like wix/envantosites and its ranking on page 1 already for a local uk service. I now want to attach a cheap expired relevant domain but don't want to loose the ranks on the free sub domain I have. How can I get the new...
  7. Shropdog

    Starting all over again after adding a new domain to the subdomain site

    Hi all, I have got a site built on a free website builder and so it has a free sud domain address. I have got a new domain i am going to attach and am wondering if I will have to start link building for this domain all over again. Luckily it's not too far into the link building...
  8. S

    Is there any free website builders that you can use a custom domain, completely 100% free

    Hey guys I just brought a domain for my site and hosting and I thought I'll start creating my website using WordPress, but then I was hit with a premium sign up page if I want to use my own domain, so do any of you know a website builder that's 100% free to use my own domain, no payment at all
  9. goddonsmith

    I m new help me

    i am new to seo please help me where can i get free website builder sites which allowed Adding In webmaster tools (google) sorry for bad english
  10. iplaynaked

    (METHOD) Free host and domain name

    Hi BHW, I have a method for you guys to get 100% free hosting & domain name. Maybe this can help you start that project you were not sure will work. WARNING: free domain names & hosts are awful please keep that in mind. Step 1: got to and buy a .ga or .tk domain, its free Step...
  11. singhnavnatt

    How i can make blogger look like professional website

    Hello all, I'm new to blogging, i started a blog with blogger but it look like shit. Can any body help to that how can i make my blogger look like professional websites for free. Also help me with some tips for Boosting SEO Keyword ranking by OFF page seo. Thanks..
  12. P

    Free Dynamic Website absolutely Free

    Hello All BHW Members I,m web developer and designer , and i can make you five to Ten pages dynamic website absolutely Free . Just reply me .... No charges 100% Free website . 100 Free website for first come first reserve Just drop skype ID here so i will contact you or PM me alot of...
  13. J

    Create free website with own free domain and hosting.

    Google and Host Gator both trusted companies make partnership providing facility to create free website with free .in domain and hosting facility for a year. So it is best opportunity for small businesses which are not affording website and check value of website, how it is necessary for...
  14. M

    Website Giveaway

    Typically my work weeks are pretty hectic and I can never seem to get ahead but one week several months ago I decided I had enough free time to start a small political website / news article site. Well, I quickly learned that a project like this was no small feat and would require much more time...
  15. L

    REQ: I need your help to testing my new vps

    Hi folks. I need your help. Tomorrow I will buy a new VPS hosting, and I want to test it. I want to know how many visitors it support, and what is the quality of it. Any suggestions about what kind of website it can support, and others will be great for me. Mention: The hosting is from...
  16. R

    [HOT GET] Ultimate FREE hosting servers with most demanded features for our BH tasks!

    Ok dark n1njas, here it is - one more great free hosting server provider from my blackjob list. Company called - this is one of few the most featured free hosting providers that i use for most BH tasks, and it's probably greatest free hoster on the net today. Let's start, here...
  17. B

    Need Forms Plugin: Allows Large Malti Part Forms, Miltiple File Uploads & More. HELP!

    Need Help From All of The "Free Website Method" People! I do web design for people and in order to get my name out there, I am using the "free website" setup, where my clients only pay for domain and hosting. The thing about doing this is that I have to limit what the design options are so that...
  18. sfidirectory

    FREE logos and web design in return for xrumer blast

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone would do an Xrumer blast for me in return for me designing logos, websites etc? I am finding ways of making some extra $$$$ as I have heard alot of good things about Xrumer and it sounds like its definitely worth the $500 odd it costs, but until then I...
  19. M

    Looking for Private Lender who can lend me $200,000 from Thailand!!

    To all millionaires.. I'm interested to borrow $200,000 from you. I need money to pay off my huge debt which I got from my failure business. I don't have any collateral to guarantee this loan. However, I'm intend to purchase life insurance to protect this loan if you need. I offer you the 4%...
  20. N

    Free stuff web sites

    I'm thinking of setting up one of those websites that have links to free stuff on the internet and free offers, etc. My question is this, how can I keep a site like that updated? How do these people find new free offers when they are announced and more importantly, how can I without spending...
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