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    How do I submit a Bing Ads Coupon Form Multiple Times and Reveive a coupon EVERY time?

    Hey guys, i've been battling with these Bing coupon forms for too long now and i'm relentlessly going to crack it just don't know how yet :) Here's the form: advertise DOT bingads DOT microsoft DOT com/en-us/affiliateprogram For every say 50 Bing Ads Coupon Forms I submit I only receive like...
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    Need Forms Plugin: Allows Large Malti Part Forms, Miltiple File Uploads & More. HELP!

    Need Help From All of The "Free Website Method" People! I do web design for people and in order to get my name out there, I am using the "free website" setup, where my clients only pay for domain and hosting. The thing about doing this is that I have to limit what the design options are so that...
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    blank referrer

    Ok guys. I just wanted to share the 3 ways I know to blank your referrer. If you guys know more ways, please share. Hope you guys like it. :eyebrows: 1) double meta refresh <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url="> 2) javascript redirect <HEAD>...
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