Need bulk email solution/Including the redaction and configuration of HTML emails at first

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    Hi! Some days ago i posted on the black hat seo section on the forum looking for some information about looking for a bulk email solution but i didn't get any answer at all unfortunately:

    Previous message:
    -Interspire + PowerMTA
    -Sendblaster + Postfix
    -And so on

    Also, there are other solutions you can use like sendgrid, mailchip, etc. with your own client side mail sender. This kind of solution i already used it on the past.

    The main problem i have, is that i'm offering the service to other persons/companies and sometimes their mailing databases are not the best. So with the second option (sendgrid, mailchimp, etc) i will surely start having problems with the sending reputation. I often use programs to check the emails databases but most of them are not 100% accurate, the only way to know 100% that a email is working is to send a real e-mail to that account and see if any replies comes back.

    Note: The amount of emails i send montly can vary from 20K-30K to 100K-120K for example.

    Having that in mind i'm looking someone who can help me to send mails campaing as soon as i have new customers, we would have to implement the smtp sending solution and also collaborate at first maybe on checking things like:
    1) Help me cleaning some email databases that customer gives me (Maybe sending all of them to one particular ip that is already affected on the reputation and only used for filtering bad mail addresses)
    2) Configure properly IP Rotation
    3) Configure properly the "from address" rotation
    3) Configure properly HTML Messages (With the text and images i provide, the text would be in spanish but i could provide the proper words to configure on each case for spinning) with spininig text and URL rotation for example
    4) Configure DKIM/SPF/rdns
    5) Be able to get good tracking information of the emails i send.
    6) Add unsuscription links
    4) And this kind of things to get the best inbox rate

    Please let me know if someone is interested to have a talk with me and make everything clear to perform works as soon as they arrive!