1. A

    Tell me pls email service

    Please tell me a service for sending letters with limits of 100-1000 letters per day, I will be very grateful!
  2. techbeastzz

    Bulk accounts in quora

    How can I create bulk accounts in quora, i mean i need a email service like 10 minute mail where i can sign up for unlimited accounts but now I can't find a good websites because i already tried lot of it.
  3. Miss Seoretician

    SELL Google Accounts for authorization in third-party services.

    SELL Google Accounts for authorization in third-party services. PRICE $ 0.01 per acc -------- - Volume of accounts up to 1mln per day (minimum order volume 50k per day) - Account lifetime up to 40 seconds - Uploading accounts in a file by API - An individual server is set up for you - You can...
  4. S

    I need spam to a specific email

    Hi I need spam to a specific email would mean alot if something like this can be done , nothing of a revenge tactic or spite as I am looking to advertise something but to try it out first . Hopefully someone on blachatforum can do this for me for a good decent price ! Kind regards
  5. M

    Searching Runbox Mailer alternative

    Hey everyone, For a long time I used Runbox as a mailer, with my own domain in connection with a warm-up service. This worked excellently and without any problems. Unfortunately, Runbox has locked me out of some email accounts and has not responded to support tickets for days / weeks, but only...
  6. X

    Edu mails (Europe?)

    Hey, are there also .edu mails for Europe (so with a school/university in Europe)? I only see US edu mails…
  7. L

    Getting blacklist when try to do check if email can deliver

    Hi all. My website is running a verify email to query smtp server the perform these command Note : the mail from {myemail}@mydomain is not real and my server dont have spf and dkim yet HELO mydomain MAIL FROM: <mymail@mydomain> RCPT TO: <[email protected]> QUIT After running these...
  8. P

    proxies for SMTP communication

    Hi all, longtime lurker around here. I'm doing a test project that relates to connecting to Mail Servers on port 25 - essentially mimick an SMTP relay server interaction with a genuine MX server. The intention is to not deliver any email and definitely not spam. However, AWS and other hosting...
  9. K

    E-Mail Marketer Wanted

    Hi, I’m looking for an experienced e-mail marketer who can send (and inbox!!) campaigns to my list of 5k people. The tasks are: 1) warm up my domain 2) send out the emails that I give to you 3) optimize the inboxing rate If you can help, please hit me up. PS: No worries, I am not looking...
  10. S

    help for making money

    hi everyone .. I'm in the third world country and I'm fullstack web developer with 7 years of experience. im able to convert any ideas to a high performance website .. but now i need some money to live ! in my country there is no jobs for developers :( so i want to try email spamming. i can...
  11. akaCube

    [MAIL.COM # WEB.DE # GMX] LEDEEX.COM - Everything for mailing <3

    Good day friends! I would like to present to your attention a time-tested store of mail services accounts - LEDEEX.COM You can buy from us: GMX.COM - 40 $ / 1k GMX.NET/DE/AT/CH - 52 $ / 1k [Price for wholesale negotiable] WEB.DE - 55 $ / 1k [Price for wholesale negotiable] MAIL.COM - 35 $ / 1k...
  12. Dark. banana

    How to email domain with 1k mailbox and imap or api access

    Hi i Need a lot of email with imap access ssl or none ssl doesn't matter, so what i think i'm looking is a script or service or solution to this : I need one Domain to have 1k mail boxs with imap access for each : [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]...
  13. M0805

    How to get emails for marketing?

    Hi BHW. Is there any method to pickups emails for marketing? Thank you?
  14. dadyyanki

    Your suggestion required [Urgent]

    From last 15-20days i am getting and email "someone logged in your fb account , confirm its you" Mails are in spam folder. Today i got Google verification for same mail id on phones notification bar.(2 times) What should i do Please help
  15. Agencybackground

    How to build own Mail list and use them ?

    How do some people here have millions of emails, what method do you use? And is there any free tool/service to bulk send emails to all those collected email addresses?
  16. deutch welle

    gmail account $0.7 each

    Selling Gmail Accounts With Instant Delivery. Account Are Minimum 1 Week Old. We Removed Phone Number After Registration. We Add Recovery Email For Every Account. CLICK HERE TO BUY Price $0.7 Each. Minimum Purchase 11 Accounts. To Buy More Than 11 Click + Button (Multiple Only) CLICK HERE TO...
  17. JohnKowalski

    Who still uses their old gmail account today?

    Who still uses today their old gmail account created between 2005-2012 ? Need this info for one of my projects, so I really will appreciate your input. Thanks in advance
  18. L

    Mail marketing reasked

    I've did a bit of a search on the forum most of the answers are outdated and provide old deprecated solutions, so any help would be gladly appreciated. I'm looking for a way to send bulk mail for free what way would you recommend. thank you/
  19. mnyhunter

    Email Marketing 3-5K Gmail Inbox Daily

    Hello all, I have a method that can send email to direct inbox in gmail, about 3-5K per day with links and only txt. If I buy daily updated Domain whois data from some website, can I use them to make money? Or any Idea making money from domain whois email (daily updated list) + 80%-90% gmail inbox?
  20. Zenarus

    (1 Free GMB) Power of Google My Business During COVID-19

    So as most of you already know, i am working with GMB's for years now, and for the first time i can see in some niches its really slowing down.. and some niches is KILLING It with. allow me to be more specific. Resturant that dosent allow Take aways, Delivery options.. are ranked lower in maps...
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