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  1. rainmaker2221

    Bulk Email Sender

    Greetings Fam, Please, i humbly request your recommendation or help on getting a bulk email sender i can use on my desktop or cloud to send email campaigns. I have SMTP or means of getting one, but i need a bulk email sender, Please, a good and free bulk email sender for now, once i start...
  2. W

    There is any cold email service provider which I can send emails without warm up

    There is any cold email service provider which I can send emails without warm up and get a good delivery rate? Please suggest me some good providers?
  3. telim2

    GoWebby Webmailer: Multithreaded bot for Sending Bulk Emails via Browsers/SMTP using Google Accounts

    GoWebby is a multithreaded email automation bot designed for efficiently sending bulk emails. It offers two distinct modes of operation: one that emulates human actions through web browsers and another that sends emails directly via SMTP using IP addresses with email-enabled ports. GoWebby...
  4. H

    Best email provider for mass emails?

    Which service would allow me to send unlimited emails without banning me? I have a few thousand email addresses and would like to send them my affiliate link. I don't mind if it goes into the spam folder, but I need a reliable provider who doesn't complain at every turn, delete my account and so on
  5. EmailJunkie

    Want Better Results With Your Email Marketing Campaigns? Try This.

    Hey everyone, Over the years I've closely followed a lot of people who make good amount of money with email marketing. People who spam to 100k to 200k lists with aff offers and then people with very small 1k to 5k list who still manage to make $10k to $30k per month in commissions. How? it's...
  6. EmailJunkie

    ‼️⚠️ Send Unlimited Emails For Just $29.95/Mo - Cold / Warm Allowed ❤️- All Industries Accepted ❤️ - Zero Import Restrictions ⚠️‼️

    Skype - [email protected] / live:.cid.20d63ff690c8e7d Telegram - importsend We Now Also Accept CRYPTO. F.A.Q 1. Is There An Upsell Offer? Yes, there is a $149/Mo upsell that lets you upgrade to the Managed version where we take care of IP warm up and email deliverability. 2. What Is...
  7. P

    Where/to who can I sell my email lists to?

    I’m not trying to sell my email lists here, through this post! I just want to know where I can sell them other than BHW Thanks in advance!
  8. P

    Mautic, Mumara, Mailwizz or Atomic email sender - what should i use?

    Hello BlackHatWorld community, I want to mention that I have access to a list of 10 million US email addresses of people who have participated in sweepstakes before. I plan on using this list for my bulk email marketing campaign, but I want to make sure that the emails are delivered to the...
  9. Ndiqi

    [NEW] Email Blast Service ✅ No Warmup ✅ Fast Send ✅ Cold Email ✅

    Email expert at your fingertip We send emails for your projects / campaigns so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself ✅ Done in less than 5 days ✅ Just bring your email list and content ✅ Super fast email delivery Place an order: 1. Contact me Telegram: https://t.me/ndiqi...
  10. NeoPredator

    0 to 350k Instagram Followers organically with Cold Emailing

    How I Grew My Ecom Brand's Instagram Page from 0 to 350k Followers with Cold Emailing I run an e-commerce brand that specializes in fitness. I want to share with you how I was able to grow my Instagram page from zero to 350,000 followers in just a few months using a technique that many might...
  11. NeoPredator

    How I Generated Multiple 7 Figures with an Influencer Marketing Funnel for My Fitness Brand

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share a strategy that has helped me generate multiple 7 figures for my fitness brand through influencer marketing. This strategy involves using a funnel to contact Instagram influencers and offer them a free product in exchange for promoting my brand to their...
  12. P

    Send email with SendGrid using AWS SES Server

    I'm new to this and I have about 30k emails that I would like to send newsletters about 2-3 times a month, already have SES 50k a day and looking for a unexpensive way to send email. I have look into SendGrid but I can't find a way to connect to SES, anyone here know if this is even possible to...
  13. shahogen

    Q & A - Cold Email Marketing

    I've been receiving a lot of questions on BHW recently and I thought that opening a new question and answer forum would be highly beneficial for anyone that's new to cold email marketing. As I've mentioned, I'm able to generate roughly 5 premium leads per day for my digital marketing agency...
  14. M

    Looking To Hire: Bulk E-mail Expert , Blackhat TikTok Media Buyer , BlackHat Media Buyers

    Hey Guys, Im a higher up on a large CPA network and its time to scale. Looking for A+ Players . Funds is no issue and I compensate very well. Im USA based. Looking For: E-Mail Expert - Someone who has experience with sending millions of emails a day Black Hat Media Buyers - Facebook...
  15. Ndiqi

    [NEW] Email Marketing Service ✅ Done For You ✅ Fully Configured ✅ Inbox-focused ✅ Cold/Mass Mailing ✅

    Email marketing service that works Reach your audience and keep them in the loop of your upcoming updates and promotions. An inbox-focused email marketing at your service. ✅ Upto 1 million email / day ✅ Unlimited contact, campaign, domain ✅ Super fast email delivery AUTOMATION & FLEXIBILITY...
  16. D

    AWS Account Port Open

    Hello, Any one can provider and AWS Account port 25 open I can pay 500USD per account ?
  17. A

    Need someone for bulk email delivery

    Hello everyone, I need someone for bulk email delivery (200K). I provide email addresses.
  18. D

    I am looking for a bulk e-mail program

    Good day everybody, I am looking for a program which I can send bulk e-mail lists with (like sendblaster). I need to be able to send the mail with SMTP server. I am looking for a program with the following two options: -Letter rotation (multiple letters rotating on the sending list) -SMTP...
  19. D

    Main domain and cold email domain under the same Google Admin/Workspace

    I am reaching out to old leads from my marketing teams past marketing efforts. This lead gen was pre pandemic and under a different name to my company. We have been calling them up to get them to optin (only 3% say no, moved on bla bla) but it’s too time consuming and expensive. I am going...
  20. D

    Cold email (new domain) advice?

    So I have 100k leads that have opted in to receive information within my industry a couple of years ago. I am cold outreaching to these again before then putting onto my main domain. I have bought a few semi related domain names from Godaddy to do this from. Now I need to link to Gsuite and...
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