Need assistance with setting up an ad system for my video website.

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    Hi guys,
    I do not normally do this type of thing, but I have been trying to accomplish this task for the past 3 days with very little success, and have little option but to seek some kind of help. I am currently looking for ways to monetize my website, preferably via PPC advertising. It is a streaming video website for TV shows and films. I use embedded links from other sites, i do not host any of these videos. Most of these videos are hosted on another site at novamov.

    I want ads to appear before each of these videos, and in order to view the video (For example, a Family Guy episode) the user must close the image ad. However, this button does not just close the ad it also opens the ad in either a new window or tab, earning me advertising revenue.

    Sounds fairly simple in theory, I will be able to monetize a very large amount of traffic. A main problem with this is finding major, reputable ad networks who are able to serve ads that open in a new tab or window, because if the PPC advert opens in the same window the user can not view the content they want to and in turn I lose traffic.

    I have tried a wide range of ad networks and each of them have their own problems:

    Adbrite - Will allow modification of code to open in a new tab, but I have not been able to accomplish this yet (I am kinda close). Also they do not allow incentives for clicking on ads in any way.

    Bidvertiser - Horrible reviews, people not receiving payments,ads not displaying and just generally bad news.

    Chitika - Heard some terrible things about this.

    Ad Dynamo - Looks awesome, I don't mind the relatively low PPC because they actually pay and are a real company. However I cannot find a way to get this ad to pop-up in a new window or tab when clicked.

    Clicksor - Opens in a new tab, but I have heard some bad things about them involving spyware, malware etc. Maybe they're okay you tell me.

    I have also tried: Etology, Viral ad network, AdHitz, Adversal and others.

    The coding is fine for me for the most part, I can simply take the embedded video and place an AP Div of the image of the video player over the actual player itself, then place my advert over that in another AP Div, then use show/hide in Javascript to hide the ad and show the real video when the ad is clicked, simple.

    I have considered other alternatives such as pay per impression ad networks such as CPX Interactive. However, they do not offer very much at all.

    Sorry if its a bit long. In short my questions are this.

    Do you know of any ad networks that would be ok with this sort of thing, and allow ads to open in a new window or tab?

    Can you recommend other monetization methods for a high traffic video site?

    I do not want to absolutely pack my site with ads like most TV show streaming sites out there, they look terrible and get little traffic. I need my site to have no ads anywhere else except in front of the video.

    I am afraid of using Google adsense since my site violates every copyright law written, and they won't like that too much. I certainly could not use google ads with incentives like a free TV show.

    Thanks in advance.