1. explorer77

    Looking for CPA "click tracker" for my client

    I have a team that works on Facebook. They use free methods to promote my offers. Now I want to set a bunch of trackers for them on an individual landing page. There will be an individual link for each of them that will show the unique clicks they make. And they must be able to watch their...
  2. D

    The best call to action which you haven't heard about...

    "Don't click here" Have used this one on Reddit and have got crazy amounts of clicks. Hope some of you find this useful.
  3. B

    [Q]How to know real time clicks reports on amazons

    Hi BHW I sending lot of organic traffic to Amazon. But i am not able see the numbers of clicks per hour. Why i have to wait 24 hour to get link clicks views report? Anyone knows how to see live traffic clicks on amazon? Thanks
  4. C

    How to monetize an incentive traffic ?

    So I wanted to know the best method to monetize an incentive traffic ( random people clicking on your link , but not client ) . It is better to redirect the traffic to a website that I monetize thanks to adsense or to join a pay per click service ? And if it's the second option what is the best...
  5. K

    Can’t login to clickbank

    I have reset my password and I still am not able to log into my account.I feel like clickbank is a scam.I spent so much money on advertising and still have not received a payout.
  6. B

    Overlaying ad/redirect On website

    I am a little new to the scene of SEO and advertising, but have some decent knowledge of web development/coding. Anyways this is some thing always made me wonder whats its called and how its done ( I have a few ideas already.) But sometimes when I visit websites no matter where I click on the...
  7. kiteclown

    weird kind of ads??..

    hi guys,does any one know how to insert this kind of ads into a website?check the image bellow
  8. kurosaki4d

    Tool to click on specific elements of page

    Hello, I'm looking for a tool like a macro that allows to go inside the navigator and access a certain given URL to click on specific links multiple times inside the page (these links have the same CSS class names). So that means it needs to simulate that action multiple times, the tool should...
  9. ShiningWarrior

    Does links have low CTRs nowadays?

    Hey, I am noticing that my links have very low CTRs. I am using a custom name in the link but still. People are engaging with me in a good way on the niche topic but damn, I'm not getting that much clicks. Should I use rebrandly or weebly or a direct landing page? Can't use as...
  10. IlyesPoke

    Looking for PPC Networks or 1cent per click ?

    Hi everyone ! Is there any quality PPC networks that you can can buy ads for 1 cent per click? Maybe there's some new smaller PPC network that is still cheap to advertise on and actually delivers good results?
  11. Goldiiing

    Easy way for beginners to make $10/$20+ a day.

    This is my first thread to help people/beginners make some cash online. Many of you will have seen this before or even maybe done it yourself. Steps - 1) Make accounts on & Non Referal Links ( ( 2) Start using 10kHits to surf...
  12. C

    I have traffic from moving customers

    Hi I have several clients looking for their stuff to moved asap.
  13. GoodLife Naciri


    Hi, anytime I want to create an account in for example LEADBOLT or OUTBRAIN I search for reviews on google and I see people saying it is a scam and it's the same thing for every mobile advertising platform, Now the question is ... IS THERE ANY MOBILE ADVERTISING ??
  14. mrki444

    Will this method ban my account?

    Steps 1. Create website, add content and ads (Adsense or similar, not pop up). 2. Advertise on forums, other site, get visitors. 3. After getting 800 visitors, buy one click on ad. How to buy one click on ad? 1. Check you visitors stats and check countrys and links from where visitors came...
  15. E

    What is the best rss feed generator for Clickbank?

    Where can I find the best or a very good RSS feed generator for CB. Where I can filter by criteria, keywords, etc. Please any advise will be helpful. thanks
  16. M

    Looking for an android box autoclicker

    I'm looking for a click bot for an android tv box. The one I found work only on touchscreen machine. Any ideas??
  17. B

    Is CrakRevenue cheating?

    Yesterday,i asked one of my friends living in USA to complete my offer and to share the link with his friends.I sent him my offer link through email.He completed the offer but i have not got any PAYOUT in crakrevenue and even the statistics show that number of clicks is 0. So, i tried to check...
  18. jemari

    Need a Script writer for a traffic bot

    currently i am using - Diabolic Traffic Bot which is found here - i need a script writer who can make the bot to click on a spasific part of a web page - based on this example -...
  19. bossofthebosses

    What Was That Software?

    Here on BHW, I saw a thread - a member selling a software that can automatically search and click on a specific website on search results. Can someone please give me the link of that threat?
  20. M

    Open new tab using dialog

    I am trying to open a link in new tab evoked onblur, however as popup blocker triggers a block I am now trying to sync a dialog to confirm so the the new tab isn't blocked when opening. I am trying to use the below code but I can't seem to work it properly. The code I would want to use is...
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