1. Anaalkraal

    Linkvertise, AdMaven or Workink, Which site has the highest RPM?

    Hello i'm currently using Linkvertise and eager to discover alternatives. My traffic ar a lot of returning people so maybe some sites block returning users. I've also tried AdMaven but the my audience didn't like it because of the mallicious ads. Work.ink worked smooth but my RPM dropped after...
  2. Evadavcom

    EVADAV>> Empowering Publishers & Advertisers with Leading Ads

    EVADAV provides engaging and leading ads across various formats via CPC and CPM pricing models. What sets EVADAV apart is in-house-built technology and round-the-clock partner care with professional account managers. How you benefit from partnering with EVADAV, Leading Ads: - Premium and...
  3. goku786

    [JV] Your CPM Method, My CMS Connected Channels with 100% payment Guarantee

    I am looking for a partner who can do CPM method on Youtube monetized channels (CMS channels) it needs to be undetectable and non drop revenue you will need to do CPM and send proper views as well. 4 people involved: CMS owner - 35% Withdrawal Granter - 15% (he manages CMS and without him 100%...
  4. intracon

    Buying ads views

    Hi, where can I buy views for my website ads? Any SMM panels, maybe? Can someone give me a recommendation?
  5. PerEnnaTheriyathu

    How can I increase my Google Adx CPM

    Hi there, My website niche is insurance and getting around 5k impression per day (99% Traffic from US, UK, AUS & CAN ) but my CPM is about 5 to 8$. Anyone Please suggest some ideas to boost it...
  6. S

    Looking for POP/Popunder websites for CPM Advertising

    Hi, I am looking for pop traffic websites for cpm websites can someone recommend the good ones? I have worked with propellerads before they are good but i want to find good alternate options which dont send the bot traffic
  7. Pwik

    Looking for Ad Networks with good RPM/CPM, especially for PopUnders/TabUnders

    What's up fellas? I own several websites in the movies/tv shows streaming niche. I get around 6k unique visitors/day (>100k visitors/month) on one of my websites. I use a combination of Adcash/PopAds for popunders + A-ads for banners. Most of my traffic is coming from France, and a bit from...
  8. Mozirra

    what ad network are you using for your adult site?

    Hi everyone was using Adsterra and left after making close to 40k with them cuz of malwares and redirects in their zones. then went to exo and even after having my traffic increased by 6x the income is kinda same. I wanna try some other networks to see if they will work better. site is...
  9. conexur

    FAN (Facebook audience network) is dead

    It seems that FAN (Facebook audience network) has not been working well for some time, they take a long time to validate apps, some do not validate them, others are deleted, in short, it seems that they are no longer interested in compete with Admob. I have a lot of requests (200k daily) to...
  10. John Ignashevich

    ⭐Website\CPA\CPM traffic. Real human android traffic⭐ Test before purchase!⭐Majority of GEOs

    Some questions and answers: Question: - Is this traffic real human traffic? - Yes. And the best proof of this is that I've been handling this traffic for about 2.5 years with many CPA and CPM networks. I am attaching screenshots of conversions\revenue\payments from some CPA\CPM networks. If...
  11. Erramusk

    Made $198K+ on OGADS Now facing YouTube Ranking Issue 2023

    Hi guys, so I have been into CPA since 2012 but actually started making money from 2017. Till date I have made over $198K+ These earnings are from social media out of which YouTube has been my main source of earning. I could easily rank videos on YouTube till last year but something seems to...
  12. T

    VPN rotator + website with CPM AD's

    Hi, I'm new, so i may did not fit right category. -------- Okay, okay, I know, that idea is not something new. My question is about WHAT DATA, ID'S, FINGERPRINT'S etc. CAN AD NETWORK COLLECT ABOUT IMPRESSIONS??? HOW THEY RECOGNIZE NON-HUMAN TRAFFIC? Imagine I have fully automated android...
  13. stantich

    Why is my Adsterra CPM so low for the USA?

    Long time lurker first time caller so hi and take it easy on me :) Also quick thanks to the hive mind here, I've learned heaps over the last few months reading threads and found some really useful advice. Context I have a niche adult site I built which is about 1.5 months old. It's currently...
  14. Twistler

    What Are The Best Ad Networks?

    I noticed this question has been asked a lot on BlackHatWorld and either there are no replies or the Ad Networks people suggest are all over the place. Can anyone provide a small list (or at least one) reliable ad network(s) that have decent CPM rates above $3 with no minimum traffic...
  15. Lczq

    What is the Best Link shortener to make money?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best link shortener and If it pays out in btc/usdt it would be awesome. I want the CPM to be good. And the ads that are not that intrusive. I was looking for some good ones but most of them are just clones of the same one or pay 5$/1000views
  16. ciphercipher1

    Adsense approval of .apk websitr

    Hey I just bought a website that was monetized with adsense on flippa. Now when I try to apply for my newly registered adsense account, it says "rejected for hacking content". Not a single place in my website that contains hacking words. It is mostly " MOD, UNLOCKED , UNLIMITED MONEY" etc. What...
  17. Andrew Leen

    Share solutions to have good CPM

    1.protect photos and videos with RM 2. Quality, attractive images and videos 3. use reputable FPs (blue badge, many fans) 4. use sites with response scores above 4.0 5. use persistence account to optimize 6.pixels and precise targeting If you have other ways, please share below
  18. O

    a Low competition keyword with massive traffic found - How to monetize?

    ive recently stumbled upon a keyword with hundreds thousands of searches per month with little to no competition. most of The traffic comes from a fairly poor third world country, however that particular website people are searching for does rank in a million visits per month ( gambling...
  19. S

    I'm Direct Advertiser looking for PPI/CPI for Desktop based software

    I'm Direct Advertiser looking for PPI/CPI for Desktop based software I'm direct advertiser here looking for installs for my windows based software related to pc optimization on the basis of PPI/CPI/CPM. If you have good huge HQ traffic on daily basis then I can work with you for LIFETIME and...
  20. G

    Does this product exist? Ability to collect high level user data from a car driving around?

    Hi there, is there a product that I can place in my car and drive a specific route and capture data on devices that this machine interacts with? I would like to tie this into a broader marketing campaign where we can use this information to determine views or eyes that saw an advertisement...
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