[Need advice] New CPA Gig from Rushbucks Aff' Program. Is it legit?

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    Hello Folks,
    I must warn you, this can be a long post. I have been a lurker quite a while and new to IM world too. Since this is my first post I would like to thank all the active members and contributors who make it such a wonderful place to gather information, experiment and share our success or failure. People are helpful in either reasons. On account of all those who haven't said it yet I want to THANK YOU for all of you to teach me things knowingly/unknowingly and that's just not me but many other who are similar to me and didn't know how to start and from where to start. Soon, I'll be doing a giveaway with a help of a friend to give something back to all as a gesture.

    So now coming back to the point where I need help from the experienced marketers here who know things much better than me and I trust someone might advice me and help me make a decision.

    For most of my work and current gigs, I am doing PPC and banner ads through Google & Bing Ads. I make a living by promoting small/medium sized products and or services. Although I am doing pretty good for myself a decent income is guaranteed and the clients are happy but I still feel there is always something new to learn from someone.
    I got a random request from a guy who is an affiliate manager for Rushbucks (I am not aware of this network) He was probably redirected from Linkedin or something. Anyway, he has proposed me to work on one of his MMO niche. Now Let me tell you here, I am aware of the jargons, terms and all that stuff but I haven't tried CPA first hand. So my experience in CPA can be counted little in comparison to PPC marketing. I told this to the guy and he says its upto me if I want to work with him. He sent me an email, Let me share a screenshot of the email here;


    Now, I ask you all
    - Does anyone know Rushbucks / Bulltrax? Is it a good network to work with?
    - Is this is a lucrative deal and should I go for it??
    - If its safe to work with them and if the offer is good, is anyone here willing to collaborate with me to get it done? I am not particular about stuffing lot of money in my pocket, I am more into the learning mode and building a reputation. I will be happy with the smaller share of the pie as long as costs are met.
    - If not, should I offer him 20-30k CPM traffic or anything else?

    Your views, opinion hold a great value to me, so anyone who helps with this, I'll be really grateful to you :)