My wife just left me...

Could be worse.

I had a meeting with a guy responsible for evaluating a business plan of mine. He was doing tons and tons of due diligence. He basically was meeting with 3 people a day about business plans and evaluating them fully.

He started the meeting with, "Sorry I'm late, my startup just went bankrupt, my wife left me to go join Barack Obama's campaign, and the repo guys took my car this morning so I had to walk here in the rain....... So let's talk about your business plan."
Sounds like YOU "ruined" your life, not BHW. You executed a poor attempt at creating revenue from an online marketing venture, which flopped and now you're depressed.

This shit doesn't happen over night. I've been doing IM for almost 10 years now, and there has been long stretches of time where I barely made a profit; just like any other business where you have to generate sales or leads.

My advice: Get a 9-5 or grow some balls.
you fail only if you accept that, i hope things will be good for you just thing positive alwase works for me in every sitauation!
Did you sit down with your wife when you started IM and tell her what your goals were, how long you were going to give it before you got a FT/PT job?

Communication is so important in this instance (in every instance). By your post, it seems as though you two were not on the same sheet of music before you got started. Because if you were, the conversation would have been TOTALLY different.

Yeah that's it, my wife just went to her mothers house with our two boys because "I'm a illuded prick who believes in something as ridiculous as making a living of the internet, and that if I want to believe in non-existent things I should join a religion", this were her last words before slamming the door on me and saying that I should get treatment.

I should say at this point that BHW destroyed my life, I have been here for 2 months now, I have made no money, I'm a complete failure at all things IM related and I just lost my family.

I believe that's it for me, I believe that at this point I will join, as you people here ofter say, the 99% of people that quit IM after they try it.

Well, it was good while it lasted, when I had the dream of a life making money for me and my family sitting at home with money and time for them and for me.

It was a good dream indeed, but nothing more than that, just another dream.
Goddess is right, this is the smartest answer I've heard so far.

My heart sank when I was reading this. I personally suggest getting a 9-5 job and approaching your wife with that. You can do your internet work in your spare time. Tell her that you only had the best of intentions and that your motivation was to work at home to spend more time with her and your kids. We love being told we are right... so tell her that. Several times. Tell her you need her and the kids and you will do all you can.
I know I keep chiming in but hey.. you said BHW destroyed your life? Everyone here told you not to quit your damn job. You ignored it and went gung ho.. destroying your own life.

Remember that. Take the responsibility and move on.
None of us here made money overnight by doing nothing. You hit the end of the road, then take a new road. If you want to make money bad enough, you will.
None of us made money overnight. You fail many times at first before you actually succeed. What do you really want? Think deeply about that and then pursue it.

The only thing stopping you is yourself.
Alright , i hope to help you make some money , and thats the reason i am writing this.

Firstly if you have a look at bhw , what u find here ?
Loads of softwares and e-books , right .
Loads of plr softwares and articles .

Now if you have a look at google , you will see that a lot of people are actually selling

plr products for about 27$ or something , which means you can do that too.

I guess you can setup a blog in wordpress and sell your plr products from there.

There are many thing you can sell , like e-commerce scripts , softwares e-books, and the

best way to sell them would be to advertise using youtube , facebook and twitter.


post about 10 answers everday , and make it ridiculously cheap for people to buy plr products from you , like 10 bucks of less may be 7$.

want an easier way , get 1 cent visitors from adbrite or chitika , not very sure about it though , you will get 100 visitors for 1$ .

Depending upon how good ur sales page is and the price you quote , you should get sale.

Here they say that a good product with targetted visitors , gives sales , in every 20 - 30
visitors, Which totals to 35$ every 1$ spent.

There is a thread here which gives a download link to 100,000 plr articles.

There are always those ignorant people who go buying without searching google .

Some great author has said , " When going gets tough , tough gets going " .

PM Bro if u need my help , cos we are in the same boat............

only difference is ur wife left you for getting into im , i got into im because my gf left me.

Rise up now , and be stronger than ever. Prove your point , and its now or never.

So get going now now now...........
That's bad news - sorry to hear that dude.

This is about the fourth time I've tried to make an income using IM. Every other time I've failed, but I keep coming back!

The reason why I can afford to do this is because:

1.) I have a "day job" that pays the bills. Sure, it means I have to spend my spare time doing IM, but if I wasn't doing this I'd be doing something else online anyway - I enjoy learning this stuff.

2.) I realise that there is real, decent money to be made in this. However, I have a healthy expectation that it could take months or even years before I see a significant return on my investment. This is even more true given that I have to spend most of my time working 9-5. I also have a family and sometimes don't give them the attention they deserve. I look for the warning signs and step back to invest time in family if and when I see them.

3.) My day job is as a programmer, so I'm pretty technical. I can understand the underlying theories behind a lot of this stuff - I think that's essential if you're going to succeed using BH.

My advice to anybody thinking of starting out is to not get seduced by the glamour - even using BH techniques IM is a lot of work. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and try to maintain realistic expectations.

You should also know when to quit - no point throwing more and more resources at it if you can't filter the BS in the first place.

Hope things get better for you though...
Sorry to hear your life just went down the drain because of IM. What your wife fail to understand is that since the .com bubble there has been new millionaires - EVERY DAY !!! I guess she has been there for you for the last couple of months, but wtf does she expect you to do? Make a living driving a cab (surprisingly I've met loads of people turning to this job during this economic downturn)

I know more than two handfuls of people who has made it so far that they can retire and just enjoy cocktails at a mansion somewhere @ a beach or bar with women flocking around them like greedy money leeching scavengers. That being said; they've been working their asses off on one niche.

Some has made their money through other methods than blackhat (e.g. bots on social networks, chatrooms etc. advertising) - others have made it on whitehat shit - pay for traffic, see how your stuff converts etc. What people have done is to take that risk and try say 10 projects..Maybe 4 failed, 6 succeeded. It requires initial investment and you need to take calculated risk! Not just throw a bunch of money out of the window and hope for the best.

Whatever you do from now on; best of luck to you
let me tell you all.

I had been completely dependent on adsense for the past 2 years and I always used to say that IM is just a scam, and companies get traffic with our efforts and we marketers dont get any thing in return.

In the past few weeks, yes, just weeks, my earlier assumptions have been proven completely wrong, and I have started making 4 times the money that I am making from adsense. It has touched $xxxxx in just about 6 weeks time. Thats after I joined BHW. I haven't been posting much, but have been reading a lot.

Caffeinated content, Autoblogged, nichevideosite, Comment spammer, prstorm, craigslist, proxies, posts about several affiliate programs, and loads of other information here have really helped me make moeny. Before I came here, I havent used a proxy like Im using now.

There is information here. You just need to know how to use it. If you want BHW to be helpful to you, you need your basics strong. You need to know how to build a site and drive traffic to it fast. Targetted traffic that would convert into sales or leads. I get 10 cents a click from adsense, and am getting $10 per lead that I'm generating for several networks.

If you are a noob and you came to BHW with nothing else but dreams, you are the biggest looser in the world, and I would appericiate your wife for making her wise decision.

Get a job, and learn things part time. You need years and years to experiment with stuff and learn before you can make actual money. If anyone could just come and join a forum and make billions overnight, there would be no poor people left in the world, and there would be no one looking for a full time job.
I hope you crawl on your knees and beg forgiveness of your wife. I hope you show her that your ego has been sufficiently reduced to recognize that just because you thought you could do something, you could put your entire family at risk just like that.

You pissed away a job to try this "new job" where you thought time invested = $$$ earned? Then your time spent on this board has been wasted. That isn't the equation. I have a daughter, a husband, a house with a mortgage and all those other bills that come into play. I also have a job. M-F. I made in 6 to 8 weeks in Oct/Nov 08 - 5 times my yearly salary of my job. Did I quit? No. Was I tempted? Hell yeah. The logic was - if I spent as much time on what I was doing instead of my job, I could potentially triple what I had made if not more. Then I looked at my kid. I looked at my tray of paid bills..and I still got out of bed at 7 in the morning to get ready for work. If it was just me at risk it would be a no brainer, but I have a family who relies on me as well. So I'll bust my butt. I'll work the job and I'll do IM on the side.

So. Bitchiness aside. I hope this has been a wake up call for you. I hope this helps you get over yourself, recognize what you have to lose..and work SMART. Don't kill yourself spending 24 hours a day on IM. Work smart. Hit up Mp3Mage on his offer. He'll set you straight.
Its a sad story but if you already loose your wife and kids dont loose your dreams too.

on 2006 I take a year to make my first $100 on google adsense, after that I start receiving checks, wire's, paypal...

Never give up, it takes a little to start to see some return, try to mix black and white hat, so you will be with short term revenue from BH and long term from WH sites.

One sugestion, when the people are down and with few money generaly they tend to gamble. Dont do that, just invest your time working, build at least on blog, for example a blog about how you loose your family on online dream,just put adsense on there untill you start to have traffic, after 2,3 months put an affiliate offer about e-marketing or MMO.

Its a start... (or a re-start)
I think getting a life/work balance is extremely tough. Making your own money is difficult and often high risk. I have had similar issues in the past when things have been tough. I would always say your relationship is worth far more than your IM career.

maybe you just need more time, 2 months isn't much at all...
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