My small inexpensive BH + WH set-up. Looking for feedback.

May 15, 2020
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So I'm working on setting up my BH + WH digital marketing platform. I've been lurking on here a lot since I'm scared of bans etc. and wanted to go over my plan. This is a small operation.

I was lucky to get invited to and moderate a Facebook group that has 100k followers that should be interested in the content I create. I can self promote without issue. Problem is sometimes my posts die in new so I need some BH help.

  • Installed Parallels virtual machine.
  • Going to try using FF multi-account containers addon with multiproxy addon with canvas protection and webrtc disabled... actually here is my entire list of installed add-ons.
  • Canvas Defender
  • User Agent Switcher
  • Disable WebRTC
  • Temporary containers
  • Instagram downloader add on
Multi-account containeres seems easier to manage up to 10 FB profiles than FF portables or FF profiles.
Using FF because free. Not interested in multilogin app.​
  • Bought aged FB accounts and dedicated proxies.
  • Looking to download photos from POF, IG or VK. IG doesn't have much of the demographic I'm looking for.
  • Change the md5hash and manipulate on photoshop.
  • Add followers using add me groups slowly.
  • Get my FB accounts invited to group I'm in.
  • Have FB accounts upload other posts randomly to make more noise.
  • Have them start to upvote my posts as well to get them out of new.
  • Was interested in using Jarvee to automate upvoting my posts in the FB group but it sounds like it's dying or dead.

  • Use posts to draw as many credible individuals to my twitter/IG/website.
  • Maybe use Hootsuite or FTTT to manage social media. Can Hootsuite generate hashtags? I didn't see that capability.

I need everything to be whitehat after facebook because this is my personal professional account and I can not risk it getting banned.

Looking for feedback/suggestoins.