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  1. U

    My small inexpensive BH + WH set-up. Looking for feedback.

    So I'm working on setting up my BH + WH digital marketing platform. I've been lurking on here a lot since I'm scared of bans etc. and wanted to go over my plan. This is a small operation. I was lucky to get invited to and moderate a Facebook group that has 100k followers that should be...
  2. W

    How do I set up multiple tor instances?

    I want to set up multiple tor instances, each with a different IP, to connect to multiple different URLs. How do I do that? Also, I read I could do the same thing with multiple firefox profiles and a proxy extension. Is that true?
  3. daeseo

    How to make money selling Chrome/Firefox extensions data?

    Hi folks, I have often read of Chrome extensions making money from simply selling anonymized clickstream/user behaviour data but I can't find any company that is (publicly) paying for this kind data. Do you know any company that help monetizing browser addons data? Any experiences? How much...