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    Hey guys I've been landing a few clients for web design here and there with the possibility of doing SEO and online marketing it looks like I have two clients that are willing to get into the nitty gritty with me and right now I want to make sure I get em taken care of. First this is the weird part, I got this pediatric doctor who wants more clients, now from what it sounds like to me he has a budget but its small, like 400-500 per month max. Why is he weird? Well first he is 59 years old and he just finished med school recently. Initially I did not expect to get a pediatric doctor so I need to see what can be done. The other is a travel agency, they focus on Caribbean package deals. The agency looks like they have a good website.

    So what I'd like to know is what do you think would be the best strategy to get these two companies clients for their business? I may also be getting an owner of a hotel in Venezuela, he also happens to own a car rental service in both the US and Venezuela and for some reason despite the quality of his hotel his website is by far the shittiest thing i've seen for a hotel ever, it's like they tried to get it to look batshit ugly, but the pictures are nice!

    So to make this short of a big block of text, I'm working for attorneys, a doctor, 2 travel agencies(possibly a hotel lets hope) and I almost forgot a big restaurant. I did not expect to be getting these guys it was like one month I had no clients and BAM! now I have clients that want marketing so I would like to be ready and offer them some solid results. Some of these guys are referral powerhouses, one of the attorneys does corporate work for an insane amount of local firms and let me know he'd put in a good word if it pans out. I want suggestions!!! I don't care if its hard work! Throw me some solid suggestions if you can. What I can say is I have tools and can get tools as needed. I've dabbled in SEO, Google Place Listings, PPC, etc. Let me know what you think!