My Monstrous views BOT + Your knowledge with proxies


Nov 3, 2017
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I have been developing and building a good VIEWS BOT with my team mate. The bot replicates the human behaviour very well and its awesome.
I have managed to get non drop youtube views, adsense views, and more...

I have been doing tests with just 2 servers. (1 server working with 55 threads in a server of 3.81Ghz with 16 cores and 120 Gbs of RAM, and 2nd server working running with 40 threads. This second server has 64 cores, 2 GHzs and 90 GBs of RAM.) Yep, very powerful servers but not too many threads running (and the server are working with the 100% of the CPU :O), but this is not the question here.

During my tests, I have been doing some money:

What I am looking for:

I am searching for a person who has a lot of experience with proxies.
Why? Because I want to scale this up and I need someone who can think ideas to improve this and appear to be like real people 99%.
But we will need good proxy providers (proxies from USA/EU ) and proxies comming from wifis, mobile ips, and in general, normal and natural ip conections...

Why is this Joint Venture interesting for you?

Currently I have the capacity to create as many private dedicated servers as I want. And very powerful ones...
If we get this working, I plan to scale this up and create like a bots farm phisically to have a very strong plant of bots working 24/7 with a high power of views generating.

*If finally we both can work well together and get this earning money every day... we will be able to create as many fake websites with ads from different ad networks as we want. Its a win to win.

I am looking for serious people only.

If you are interested pm me.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much in advance :D
Jun 17, 2020
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What do you think you can contribute to the project?
I have been researching for proxies that work well for youtube ( as i own some youtube bots) and as we know if a proxy works well with youtube then the proxy is great for all other website . i can suggest you some websites where you can get the proxies , i am talking about. in return i would like to know how your bots work . ;)