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  1. Xavicrack1

    My Monstrous views BOT + Your knowledge with proxies

    Hello! I have been developing and building a good VIEWS BOT with my team mate. The bot replicates the human behaviour very well and its awesome. I have managed to get non drop youtube views, adsense views, and more... I have been doing tests with just 2 servers. (1 server working with 55...
  2. Xavicrack1

    Generating €€€ with my view bots (YouTube, Spotifly and other Sites..)

    Hello to everyone! I just wanted to make this post because I want to ask for your opinion and also to let you know what I am doing right now with my bot. I proposed myself to earn at least 100€/day with YT fake views... actually my bot works fine and my proxies too... I mean, views are not...
  3. B

    Dailymotion Views

    How can i increase dailymotion views for free?
  4. L

    Searching for a youtube views bot that binds backconnect proxies

    As already mentioned in the title I'm searchin' for someone who can code me a program that binds proxies and sends them to a certain video url. I'm willing to pay a couple hundred bucks. Thank you!
  5. ingenious00

    Anyone know that Youtube bot?

    Hi users, i have maked some research online for obtain views increasing and have find that new BOT named YouTube BOT, the price is little expansive for me, someone have try that bot for increasing video views? It really works? Im not sure if have the possibility to post URL of website, but is...