join venture

  1. seancoder

    [JV] Your Targeted Leads/Sales/Traffic my Plugin and Bots

    Ive a plugin(Crypto Related) and couple of bots that I would like have some sales generated. Interested in partnering with folks who can drive targeted traffic and sales or have a host of clients that might fit. Would split 60%-40% per sale which should be fair enough.
  2. D

    My Instagram one million followers on babes niche + your models or clients 50/50

    I hope you are fine! I'm looking for a partner . I have more than one million followers on Instagram about curvy girls and onlyfans models. I would love to collaborate with you. You have clients + I have Instagram traffic , share 50/50 for every payment from your clients. Please let me know me...
  3. GainTheImpossible

    My Marketing + Hosting + Advertising + Writing and Your Game Cheat Developing Skills

    This goes easy. I have a great idea from which we can get a lot of income. I need a game developer. You must be good at: Developing cheats/hacks for games You must KNOW how to bypass anti-cheats You must NOT be a reseller I will bring: Advertising for the cheat Overall, a complete...
  4. Arsalan Nazar

    [JV] Your Upwork Account My Work

    Hello Blackhatworld, I am a data entry operator, internet researcher means clients give me instructions like find specific titles such as ceo,manager of different fields from their given company list or they want me to find companies from google, linkedin or using other methods. I hope you got...
  5. LuckyCharm007

    [JV] My Hot Fitness/Weight Loss Subscription based service + Your converting traffic

    Hello Everyone, I launched last year with a couple of business partner a Fitness app (iOS + Android) and we've been very successful so far bringing in organic traffic from our own social media platforms. We are ready to take the next step and would like to JV with at least one (ideally more)...
  6. Viridescent

    My verified Emails + Your method= Make money

    Hello! I am Viridescent, I've been working with email lists for a couple of years mostly for clients, these days I've been thinking about starting a business and have passive or semi-passive income. I have with me around 10 to 60k verified leads (Could be more than 150K if I add the ones that...
  7. Xavicrack1

    My Monstrous views BOT + Your knowledge with proxies

    Hello! I have been developing and building a good VIEWS BOT with my team mate. The bot replicates the human behaviour very well and its awesome. I have managed to get non drop youtube views, adsense views, and more... I have been doing tests with just 2 servers. (1 server working with 55...
  8. jaycewarrior

    My Social Media Agency + You Finding Clients

    Hello. I will go straight to the point, im a social media marketer i have an agency, your job is To find clients that's interested in my service (Social media marketing) for every client you find you get 40% commission i.e(you find client that gonna pay 800$/ evry month for 3 months, you get...
  9. CRT

    Serious People Only: My Store - Your SEO/Marketing

    Hello, I'm almost finished setting up a new online shop for VCC's. I have an inventory of Visa, MasterCard, and AE VCC's in many different countries, as well as US VBA's that I will be selling on the site. Current VCC's are being sold at $10 each, which is a pretty decent margin. I'm an expert...
  10. T

    Looking for a guy for Adult CPA

    Hi, I'm successfully doing CPA using adult traffic for long time. I'm doing it by using traffic from CL. So far i'm buying those leads/traffic from people who work on CL's Ad P0sting section(Personal). I've mailing server which run successfully. Right now i'm thinking to launch a profit...
  11. B

    Looking for quality students traffic

    I'm looking for a high-quality high-school and college students traffic (general youth traffic will be considered as well). All traffic sources will be considered, including big FB pages, twitter accounts, craigslists posting, access to students-only forums, big student-related websites with...
  12. N

    Looking for partner JV stuff 50/50 profit

    Hello, I am owner of many business. Virtual stuff, Services, and also off internet stuff like goods. If you see yourself as high traffic delivery person, email marketing guru or similar you are good person for us. Best regards, Nemke
  13. N

    Join Venture partner needed - Tube Porn Site

    Hi, We are in search of partner for our Tube porn site with very quality domain name and script content on it. All interest persons let us contact private. Best regards, Nemke
  14. B

    Serious webmasters needed

    Hello We are looking for JV partners. We prefer foreign countries (Japan, Middle East etc. - all the places where people have some money to spend over the internet) than english ones. What we offer are decent blackhat seo blasts (minimum few k solid backlinks from unspammed domains for tier1 +...
  15. B

    JV section access issue

    Hello I have 50+ posts, account is 4years+ and I can not write in JV section. Can you please check it? Thank you in advance. Cheers :)
  16. W

    I want a SEO partner

    I have two websites. It has more than 100 pages with unique content.I'm looking to promoting these websites. I want a well experienced SEO person for 50%-50% revenue sharing.Additionally come with your ideas we can do more websites and share revenues.PM me for more details.
  17. J

    Starting a Business, Looking for BHW Members

    Hey all, Well i see a lot of people on here doing Fiverr gigs that should be worth much more than the measly $4 (e.g Quality articles, Graphic design etc). So i was thinking of starting a website based on the concept of other business's come to our website and its a one-stop-shop for all there...
  18. vibebeatz

    Can you Copy n Paste? have TIME want to make money? ineed you pls read.

    I didn't know where to post it so i hope is in the right section if not please mods move it. Before you start reading i want to let you know that there's MONEY to be make but also WORK so if your LAZY this is not for you. Ok so I been reading BHW for a couple months and never made money no...
  19. StartupBros

    [JV]Decent domain names to sell - Need somebody to sell them

    I dont have any knowledge in selling domain names, but have some decent ones that Ive bought over time...If you are good at selling domains or need some quick cash and wanna list some decent ones, we can split the profit. PM if you are interested and want to see a list of the domains.
  20. D

    have job leads looking for a partner

    Hi, I have fresh job leads. Im looking partner that can earn the most money from that. Please pm me details. Thanks
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