My computer has a weird screen resolution even on boot!


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Mar 21, 2017
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Hey pals,

Yesterday I was playing CS:Go when I had a blue screen of death on Windows 7 64bits. I restarted the computer and it crashed again and again before the windows logon.

Now I have been able to fix this but my screen is centered with borders on left and right even when the computer boots or in the bios settings (image below):

I tried to reset the bios, removing the graphic card and put the display on the motherboard's graphic thing but nothing fixed it. I even tried to flash the bios to the latest version but nothing helped..

Is it the motherboard? Has anybody a fix or a clue of what happened and to what component? Please help
Go into the settings of your monitor/tv whatever you got... and see if there is any settings to fix it.,I had something like this on a computer and it fixed it.
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