1. chewba

    Just joined the blue side of life

    Glad finally to have landed on the blue side, am curious what awaits me here. :-)
  2. tattooedbuddha

    Let’s celebrate!

    I’m now blue! Anticipating the future years here at BHW. Great community to be a part of and learn more about IM.
  3. UnusualSubstance

    I'm blue

    Here's my obligatory I'm blue post. Will have to get used to seeing my name in blue, ;)
  4. TomTheCat

    I've become Blue and I don't know what to do next :|

    I don't know what to do next... I think I'll read all threads inside the Jr. VIP sub-forum. For Yellows: What will be the first thing you will do IF you will become Blue one day? For Blues: What was the first thing you've done after you became Blue? Thanks!
  5. CreativeDaddy

    What is your opinion

    Well, I'm thinking about switching to the blue side and selling one of my services on BHW. I had 2 hours today after dinner and decided to make a ad on photoshop for my future service. I've almost no photoshop skills but managed to do this, I think it looks cool but what's your opinion...
  6. RanQ Higher

    Woohoo, am in BLUE finally!

    This is really a good month for me ... so far I have got many positive signs! and finally, I reached my goal as mentioned in the @MisterF monthly goal thread:) I feel so responsible when I see Jr. VIP under my name... hope I will contribute my best to this forum! It's been a good journey for...
  7. SeRptrIx

    Finally "Men In Blue"

    How's my name in blue? :P Let's make some money in the marketplace then... this is what you guessed it, right? :D I love your greetings! ;)
  8. thebotmaker

    I've just turned blue!

    I've just turned blue, guys! Really feels good to have my name in this color. A big thanks to @Billy Batts for the contest. I hope to contribute more and utilize the opportunity to make the big bucks. More things to come guys, stay tuned!
  9. CamelCase

    I'am blue now

    Hey guys, I am blue now :) I am a web developer and I will give very good services to people here. And I reached my first goal. I finally became blue.
  10. S

    Now I'm BLUE!!!

    Finally, I've achieved my GOAL! Really thanks for appreciating me at that time to encourage myself @SEOzack @Razen666 @Topiano and a special mention to @MisterF, that's why I have worked hard to achieve this within the month of MAY! :)
  11. Meerakat

    Glad to be a Jr. VIP :)

    I love this forum and I am actually addicted to it, which also means I was very excited to become a Jr.VIP and I am finally one. ;) Not gonna lie, the blue color is attracting.
  12. deBling

    Weird blue frame on my post

    Hi, i just got a weird blue frame aprox 1 px, on my latest post. But after while gone. Do you know whats that mean ?
  13. MehdiBmm

    My computer has a weird screen resolution even on boot!

    Hey pals, Yesterday I was playing CS:Go when I had a blue screen of death on Windows 7 64bits. I restarted the computer and it crashed again and again before the windows logon. Now I have been able to fix this but my screen is centered with borders on left and right even when the computer...
  14. imaginaryforces

    Twitter Verified Blue Badge Tick/Check Mark Needed

    Is there anyone with connections who can help me verify my personal twitter account? I'm in the entertainment industry and I know there are accounts with 150 followers that get verified. I've heard that you pretty much just need to know someone at a PR firm or record label/etc. Please let me...
  15. V

    ~ Just turned BLUE ~

    Yes yes yes, I just turned BLUE. ;) It's pretty awesome to see your name in Blue and I am really happy today. :D Cheers ;)
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