My Blogging Platform Journey

Raza Rizvi

Oct 20, 2013
Hey guys,

Last week I finally created a blogging platform I've been working on since 24-Jan-2014. I looked for many different options for promoting my website, I tried google adwords which costed me $20/signup . I tried twitter, facebook, bing, stumbleupon but each of them was atleast $5 /sign up.
I discussed this situation with a friend and he told me just to focus on adding quality content on my website and not to expect anything for 1 year.
I have now decided to add 15 articles/day to gain organic traffic. I don't expect to earn a dime for 1 year and my goal is to write 5000 articles in 1 year divided on several blogs on my website. Once I start getting organic and sign ups , the post count would automatically increase but my job is to add 5000 articles no matter what.

The only traffic I am getting right now is from pinterest and reddit which resulted in few signups but it's not enough.
I have met a lot of naysayers who say that I can't do it. I must prove them wrong.

While I am adding content, my other partners will be working on upgrading design and functionality of the platform.
I will keep posting on this thread after every 5 days.

Please keep me motivated :)

Week 1

week 1.png
So will there be any other form of monetisation on your site?

Anyway, good luck on your journey!
So will there be any other form of monetisation on your site?

Anyway, good luck on your journey!

Not right now :) The most important thing for now is to get active users on that website :) Once its in a stable position, I will then think about monetizing :)
if all 5k articles are self written and you gain some good amounts of organic traffic, why not put adsense on it? I earn about 5$ a day on some of my blogs where i dont even have 20 articles on them, 5k would be some nice passive cash.
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