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Music Video Twitter Domination Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by punkinhead, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. punkinhead

    punkinhead Regular Member

    Feb 19, 2015
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    Today is the day!

    Basics: Promoting music vids on Youtube. Can't ever do anything to endanger YT channel, or primary TW, FB, etc. Don't want fake YT views, Don't want fake followers for primary acct on any network.

    That being said, I DO want to open the floodgates to deliver real traffic by all means necessary. Twitter seems like the easiest to hack for large scale traffic for vid sites. So here are my goas and steps as I currently see them. PLEASE correct anywhere that it looks like I might be headed in the wrong direction as I have had zero feedback on this master plan elsewhere.

    Goal: 50 puppet TW accts on 10 private proxies each with 100k followers (At least 50% real, targeted people) in minimum time without getting banned. All accts should appear very credible (real pics, relavent banners, sensible bios, change theme, non-spammy useful content, etc) so as to get highest possible follow-back when targeting potential followers. Since I'm not doing anything particularly spammy with them, they have the potential to be very useful for a long time with real targeted followers, so I'd prefer to take any steps necessary to avoid bans.

    I've done some prelim tests with imacros, and been able to get around 75 followers per day per account by making users appear real, relevant, and interesting.

    Steps as I see them (please correct)

    1) Emails. Well, even step one has proven to be a bit of a pain with verification issues upon manual creation. Just bought Yahoo accts. Hoping that works fine, but please let me know if any issues ahead there.

    2) Proxies. I had 10 semi-private, and issues even in testing phase. Want to pull the trigger today on 10 fully private, but keep reading bad info on one company after another. Goal here is 5 TW acct per proxy.

    3) Account creation. Disappointed so far with trial of TSupremacy. Looking into FollowLiker. Again, looking to pull trigger TODAY. On this point, want to be able to create and verify accts drawing from folder of hand-chosen pics, hand-chosen banners, change theme of profile, add from folder of hand-written bios, etc. Just not seeing those options at all with TSupremacy, though it could be due to lack of documentation.

    4) Initial following. Seems easier to just buy followers to begin with, already contacted several sellers to distribute 2k+ followers to each account to bypass 2k limit rather than wasting time.

    5) More followers. Seems like best move to next do following targeted to those most likely to follow back (using ratio of followers/following). Filter by real looking profiles, etc. This is just to pump up the overall # of followers. These are all dummy accts. My personal will have no fake followers.

    6) Age the accounts. Mass targeted retweets and favorites. Sprinkle in handwritten tweets pulled from file (again, need feedback on TSupremacy vs FollowLiker) Looking for a full looking profile here, so lots of tweets.

    7) Personalize the accounts. Make the top 5 or so tweets real handwritten with relevant links that are exactly targeted to core audience so acct looks to be full of great content.

    8) Follow the Followers: Target those following competitors, and mass follow at 900/day. (Filtering for all sorts of things) I currently think it would be best to target each bot to a particular competitor's followers. That way I can easily target a personalized tweet from them to those folks. This following needs to be able to scrape ALL followers (even millions), and be able to be broken down into predefined chunks to avoid red flags.

    9) Unfollow the unfollowers: Give 'em a few days then start dumping the dead weight.

    10) Continue fully automated mixture of retweets, favorites, and handwritten tweets pulled from folder of some kind (still waiting on feedback for this)

    11) Start automatically retweeting everything my primary account tweets with a given trigger (keyword or hashtag) with randomized intervals across all accounts.

    12) Keep doing more of the above until next master tweet is ready to go out.

    That's the basic idea. Avoiding getting accts banned is a plus (especially with 5 per proxy as one ban could take others down). Any and all feedback appreciated as I decide today which bot to go with and which proxy provider, then start mass creation. To get the profiles the way I want, is either of those programs up to the task, or will I have to go with full manual creation? Only 50 accts total for now.